The deadlock in the Naga Peace Talks was broken yesterday with the Centre and the NSCN-IM reportedly reaching a broader consensus on key issues, however there was no confirmation about when the final agreement will be signed.

Significantly, as per reports the accord has not been finalized yet however, the positive part is that the NSCN-IM is finally on board and things are on course for a solution very soon.

The discussion, which hit a major roadblock over the demand for a separate flag and constitution from the NSCN-IM, saw some forward movement with the Centre reportedly agreeing to allow the Nagas to use a cultural flag.

The Centre, however, has imposed certain conditions in this regard. From what is being understood now, the flag can be used during cultural events to signify unique Naga identity.

However, official use of the flag at government functions, office campuses, and buildings has not been approved, sources added.

Sources also added that the primary tasks have been agreed upon but there is still long way to go before the final solution is reached.

As per sources, more time is likely to be taken to work out on an inclusive solution.

Besides, the NSCN-IM demand for separate Constitution will be resolved at the shortest possible time through a democratic process, informed sources.

As per sources, there have also been talks about integration of Naga contiguous areas but nothing has been agreed upon so far.

Besides no dates have been announced for a final solution but modalities will be worked out accordingly.