After remaining out of limelight for quite a while, the Naga National Council, Adino group originally founded by Angami Zapu Phizo, has indicated its desire to join the peace process provided it receives a concrete invitation from the Government of India.

In a rare television appearance in Northeast Live, Kaka Iralu, who is the foreign affairs head of the group accused the Centre of desperately trying to bypass the Naga mandated federal government of Nagaland and the Political institution called Naga National Council.

He added that unless this group is addressed, no solution can come. Ruling that the Centre is not addressing or inviting the Naga National Council-Adino group to come and join discussion, he alleged that India has been desperately trying to portray that Naga National Council as dead and non-existent but it is still there, he added.

Apart from the NSCN-IM, six other Naga rebel outfits under the banner of the NNPGs are engaged in peace talks with the Centre. The NSCN-K is the other major group which is outside the purview of the peace process.

Meanwhile, top Naga civil society leaders have begun mounting pressure on the Centre to involve the NSCN-K in the ongoing peace process in a bid to bring about lasting peace in the Naga areas.

These leaders have suggested that the Centre must first lift the ban on NSCN-K and work towards resuming the ceasefire following which the NSCN-K can be involved in the peace process.

Echoing similar thoughts, Theja Therie, meditation secretary of the Naga Tribes Council and Elu Ndang of the Naga Hoho and David Sangtam of the ENPO said Naga people cannot wait indefinitely for peace.