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What to Expect in the Upcoming 2024 Athletics Games

First Published: 25th May, 2024 20:03 IST

Fans are also excited to see the comeback of iconic athletes who have overcome injuries and setbacks to compete again.

The 2024 Athletics Games are right around the corner, promising a thrilling array of events that will captivate sports enthusiasts worldwide. As athletes prepare to showcase their peak performance, the anticipation is palpable. 

From groundbreaking records to unexpected comebacks, here’s a detailed look at what to expect in the upcoming games. Notably, the 2024 Games will include several new sports to bet on at Raja567 such as skateboarding and sport climbing, broadening the event’s appeal. 

Fans are also excited to see the comeback of iconic athletes who have overcome injuries and setbacks to compete again. Additionally, the return of certain countries previously banned from international competitions adds a layer of intrigue. These elements will undoubtedly make the 2024 Athletics Games a landmark event in sporting history.

The Opening Ceremony: A Spectacle of Unity

The Opening Ceremony of the 2024 Athletics Games in Paris is set to be a mesmerizing blend of culture and innovation. Hosted in a state-of-the-art stadium, this ceremony will feature cutting-edge technology, including drone displays and augmented reality projections, highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the host city. 

Past opening ceremonies have set high expectations for this year with their unique and dramatic elements:

  • Los Angeles 1984: Bill Suitor flew into the stadium using a jetpack, creating a futuristic spectacle. Americans are serious about sports, as serious as a man awkwardly zipping around in a contraption that looks like it was stolen from a 1960s sci-fi movie​​.
  • Seoul 1988: Skydivers formed the Olympic rings mid-air before parachuting into the stadium. Why just walk in when you can jump out of a perfectly good airplane?​
  • Albertville 1992: An air ballet featured dancers twirling in the air suspended by ribbons​.
  • Sydney 2000: One hundred and twenty riders, each brandishing an Olympic flag, filed into the stadium behind a lone rider. Simply said, a mediaeval cavalry charge does not scream “modern athleticism” like anything else.
  • Rio 2016: Samba parade, carnival atmosphere.
  • Tokyo 2020: Augmented reality, robotic performances, and virtual attendance.

With Paris now taking the stage, it aims to surpass these quirky yet unforgettable moments. The city known for its romance and grandeur is expected to deliver an opening ceremony that will be both spectacular and uniquely Parisian. If anyone can blend elegance with a touch of the unexpected, it’s Paris.

The Return of the Sprint Kings and Queens

The first day of the games will see the return of sprinting legends. After a year of rigorous training and overcoming personal hurdles, the sprinting events are set to be fiercely competitive. Will the reigning champions defend their titles, or will new stars emerge on the track? 

  • Usain Bolt: Eight-time Olympic gold medalist, potential coach appearance.
  • Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce: Jamaican sprint queen aiming for more glory.
  • Justin Gatlin: Veteran sprinter’s last Olympic appearance.
  • Marie-Josée Ta Lou: Côte d’Ivoire’s star sprinter with high hopes.

Pacing a bet on the new rising star might just pay off big, or it might just drain your wallet faster than a 100-meter sprint. You might be better off betting on on which coach will throw the biggest tantrum trackside!

The Excitement of New Sports

The 2024 Athletics Games will debut several new sports, adding fresh excitement and competition to the traditional lineup. Each sport brings its own unique flavor and challenges, promising to attract new audiences and inspire future athletes.

New SportDetailsPossible Bet
SkateboardingStreet and park events for men and women.Match winner
Sport ClimbingCombined format: bouldering, lead, speed.Fastest climb time
SurfingHeld on natural ocean waves.Wave score totals
Breaking (Breakdancing)Head-to-head b-boy and b-girl battles.Battle winner

And just imagine the thrill of betting on these new sports. Who wouldn’t want to put their money on a skateboarder nailing that perfect trick or a surfer catching the ultimate wave? It’s almost like betting on a high-stakes game of who can balance on a moving piece of wood the longest.


The 2024 Athletics Games promise to be a remarkable display of human athleticism and spirit. From the awe-inspiring Opening Ceremony to the emotional highs of competition, each moment will contribute to a legacy of excellence and inspiration. 

As we look forward to witnessing these incredible performances, we are reminded of the power of sport to bring people together and push the boundaries of what is possible. Let the games begin!

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