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Euro 2024 winner predictions: England again?

First Published: 25th May, 2024 19:58 IST

The Three Lions’ loyal fans at Betstarexch are already gearing up for the wild ride of emotions, complete with tears, cheers, and possibly another penalty shootout heartbreak. 

As Euro 2024 approaches, the anticipation is building, and the odds are set. England, once again, stands as the pick to lift the trophy, but several other contenders are hot on their heels. 

Riding on the wave of their consistent performances and bolstered by the likes of Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane, England seem poised for glory—or at least, another heart-wrenching near miss.  The Three Lions’ loyal fans at Betstarexch are already gearing up for the wild ride of emotions, complete with tears, cheers, and possibly another penalty shootout heartbreak. 

While the bookmakers are confidently backing England, seasoned fans know better than to count their chickens before they’ve been hatched. Here’s a breakdown of the teams vying for European glory this summer.

England: The Leading Contenders

England head into Euro 2024 with high expectations, bolstered by a squad brimming with talent. The team’s depth and recent form make them the bookies’ favourite, with odds around 4.00​. Gareth Southgate’s side will look to capitalize on their group-stage matches against Denmark, Slovenia, and Serbia to build momentum for the knockout rounds.

The reasons for their favoritism are quite clear:

  • Jude Bellingham: Arguably one of the best young midfielders in the world.
  • Harry Kane: A striker who consistently finds the back of the net, except perhaps in those crucial penalty moments.
  • Phil Foden: A creative genius capable of unlocking any defence, on a good day.

Of course, this all sounds perfect on paper. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Oh, right—England’s illustrious history of underachievement on the big stage. But hey, maybe this time will be different. After all, the bookmakers seem confident, so what could possibly jinx that?

France: The Perennial Powerhouse

Close behind England are France, the 2018 World Cup winners, with odds at Betstarexchange of 4.33. Led by the dynamic Kylian Mbappe, France’s squad is packed with talent, including the likes of Antoine Griezmann and N’Golo Kante. Despite their star-studded lineup, the team will need to overcome the heartbreak of their 2022 World Cup final loss to Argentina.

  • Kylian Mbappe: One of the most electrifying forwards in the world.
  • Antoine Griezmann: A versatile attacker known for his playmaking abilities.
  • N’Golo Kante: The team’s relentless midfielder who is great at creating opportunities for teammates and causing turnovers.

If they can channel their skill and experience, Les Bleus are well-placed to challenge for the title. After all, a team with such depth and quality on paper surely can’t be underestimated—unless, of course, they decide to leave it all to extra time again.

Germany: The Hosts with Home Advantage

Germany, the hosts of Euro 2024, are always a formidable force in international football. The team boasts a mix of seasoned professionals like Joshua Kimmich and rising stars like Jamal Musiala. Despite some managerial turbulence with the recent appointment of Julian Nagelsmann, Germany’s home advantage and historical pedigree make them serious contenders.

Their odds reflect their potential:


Naturally, playing on home turf should provide a significant boost—unless, of course, they decide to follow the recent trend of major hosts exiting earlier than expected. Their group-stage opponents, Switzerland, Hungary, and Scotland, will provide an interesting challenge as they aim to advance deep into the tournament.

Spain: The Resurgent Giants

Spain, priced at 9.00 appear to be hitting their stride at just the right time. Despite the setback of Gavi’s injury, the team has shown resilience and tactical prowess under coach Luis de la Fuente. Spain’s group features tough opponents in Italy, Croatia, and Albania, but their rich footballing heritage and current form suggest they could go far.

Throughout their championship history, they have shown skills:

2008ChampionsMarked the beginning of Spain’s golden era with a blend of talent and tactics.
2012ChampionsDominated the tournament, showcasing their “tiki-taka” style to perfection.
2016Round of 16A disappointing exit, indicating a transitional phase for the squad.
2021Semi-finalsA strong performance, indicating a resurgence under new management.

All this promise on paper should translate seamlessly onto the pitch—unless they decide to reenact their glorious exit from the 2016 tournament in the Round of 16. 

With their tactical prowess and a squad of stars, let’s just hope they remember to score when it counts, unlike that infamous penalty shootout against Italy in Euro 2020. Who knows, maybe this time they’ll even manage to avoid the heart-stopping drama and just win outright. Or not.

Portugal: The Dark Horses

Portugal, with odds at 9.00 aim to replicate their 2016 success. Cristiano Ronaldo, likely in his last major tournament, leads a formidable squad featuring Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva. Under Roberto Martinez, Portugal had a perfect qualifying campaign. Their group includes Turkey, the Czech Republic, and a play-off winner, offering a strong chance to progress.

But, let’s be honest, putting your hopes on a squad led by a manager known for his underwhelming stints with Belgium adds a dash of unpredictability. After all, what’s a major tournament without a bit of last-minute drama and a few unexpected exits? With their star-studded lineup, Portugal should breeze through the group stage.


While England stands as the bookmakers’ favourite for Euro 2024, the competition is fierce with this 4 teams presenting strong cases for the title. Each team has its strengths and challenges, but the beauty of football lies in its unpredictability. Just when you think you have it all figured out, an underdog pulls off a shocking upset or a favourite collapses spectacularly.



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