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Sikkim flash floods: CAP to file FIR against CM Tamang

First Published: 2nd November, 2023 17:32 IST

CAP said that as the Chairperson of SDMA, CM PS Tamang is responsible for the ill preparedness of the Authority in handling natural calamities like the recent floods that resulted

Citizen Action Party (CAP) spokesperson, Mahesh Rai, on Thursday said that the party intends to file a First Information Report (FIR) against Sikkim Chief Minister PS Tamang who is also the Chairperson of the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) holding him responsible for SDMA’s lack of preparedness in handling natural calamities in the state.

CAP said that as the Chairperson of SDMA, CM PS Tamang is responsible for the ill preparedness of the Authority in handling natural calamities like the recent floods that resulted in many deaths and massive destruction.
This comes after the recent the recent devastating floods that hit Sikkim on October 4 leaving close to 60 people dead and thousands homeless. The natural disaster left a trail of destruction and devastation. Roads and bridges were swept away and houses damaged.
The party has raised concerns about the performance of SDMA in the high-alert zone of Sikkim, where several lakes are at risk of bursting, as indicated by scientists.

Rai highlighted the pressing need for disaster management preparedness in the region, especially in light of not just the recent floods but past calamities like the 2011 earthquake and torrential rains that caused significant damage. “The disaster management authority must be held responsible for mitigation and prevention measures,” said Rai.

“Scientists and experts have repeatedly warned about potential catastrophes, such as glacier outbursts and impending calamities, but it appears that necessary precautions were not taken,” added Rai

Under the Dam Safety Act of 2021, the Dam Safety Committee is required to inspect dams every six months and submit reports to the state government. The party claimed that no such reports have been submitted, making both the Disaster Management Authority and the Dam Safety Committee accountable for the disaster that occurred on October 4.

To investigate the matter further, the Citizen Action Party has formed a fact-finding committee led by Prashant Babu Chettri. They plan to take action based on the committee’s findings and initiate the FIR filing process.

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