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Last Updated: 30th October, 2023 17:32 IST

Nagaland Tourism Minister Temjen Imna Along appeals people of Eastern Nagaland to participate in Hornbill Festival

First Published: 26th October, 2023 14:59 IST

Temjen Imna Along said that it is the duty of every Naga to uphold and showcase the unity among the various and the culture through the iconic Hornbill Festival

Nagaland Tourism Minister Temjen Imna Along has made an earnest appeal to the people of Eastern Nagaland to come and participate in the upcoming Hornbill Festival.

Unhappy over the non-fulfillment of the Frontier Nagaland demand, 7 tribes from the eastern part of the state had decided to abstain from the Hornbill festivities last year.

With no decision at sight yet on the Frontier Nagaland issue, this time too it is likely that the tribes in Eastern Nagaland may choose not to participate in the 2023 edition of the iconic festival, which reflects the true spirit, unity and culture of the various tribes of Nagaland.

In his message, Minister Along said, “I too am a Naga just as the rest of the Nagas are on the Eastern part of our state. I appeal to the Eastern Naga People’s Organization (ENPO) and to our Eastern family that the Hornbill Festival is a festival of the Nagas of Nagaland. It is our duty and also our unity should be showcased through the Hornbill Festival with the rich traditions and also of the Eastern people of Nagaland.”

“I want to thank them for being part in the past of the Hornbill festival as a united Nagaland in every front and on behalf of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, myself and Tourism Department, I appeal to the Eastern Naga People’s Organization and also to all the ladies, young men and women of Eastern Nagaland to come and participate with zeal, passion and be part to showcase our state as a united one Nagaland to promote our people in every way,” Temjen Imna Along said.

On June 26, a significant development took place with regard to ENPO’s demand for Frontier Nagaland.
The Government of India came up with a concrete proposal for resolution of the long standing issue. Documents available with Northeast Live revealed that the Government of India has proposed the constitution of an autonomous territory or council covering the 6 Eastern Districts in Nagaland.

Well informed sources privy to the series of discussions between ENPO and the Government of India have said that the proposed administrative arrangement will have 40 elected members and 9 nominated members. Sources said the administrative arrangement will have legislative, executive and financial autonomy and may be called Frontier Naga Territory.

The 6 districts in Eastern Nagaland are – Tuensang, Mon, Longleng, Kiphere, Shamator and Noklak.



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