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Last Updated: 2nd February, 2023 16:31 IST

Meghalaya 2023 polls: NPP announces names of 58 candidates

First Published: 12th January, 2023 16:18 IST

NPP has announced its list of candidates for the ensuing Meghalaya assembly elections.

The NPP has announced its list of candidates for the ensuing Meghalaya assembly elections. The NPP has announced the list for 58 candidates.

Among the big names include:

Conrad K. Sangma, Thomas A. Sangma, James P.K.Sangma, Ampareen Lyngdoh, Prestone Tynsong, Sniawbhalang Dhar, Comingone Ymbon, Ampareen Lyngdoh, Mohendro Rapsang, Hamletson Dohling, Dasakhiatbha Lamare, Grace Mary Kharpuri, Kimfa Sydney Marbaniang, Martin M. Danggo, Timothy D. Shira, Abu Taher Mondal

However, the NPP is yet to announce the name of candidates for South Shillong and the Mairang assembly constituencies.

Get the Full List here:



Sl.No.Name of ConstituencyName of Candidate
11 Nartiang (ST) LACShri Sniawbhalang Dhar
22 Jowai (ST) LACShri Wailadmiki Shylla
33 Raliang (ST) LACShri Comingone Ymbon
44 Mowkaiaw (ST) LACShri Habahun Dhar
55 Saipung Sutnga (ST) LACSmti Santa Mary Shylla
66 Khliehriat(ST) LACShri Nehlang Lyngdoh
77 Amlarem (ST) LACShri Stephanson Mukhim
88 Mawhati (ST) LACShri Shemphang Lyngdoh
99 Nongpoh (ST) LACSmti Macdalyne Sawkmie Mawlong
1010 Jirang (ST) LACShri Sosthenes Sohtun
1111 Umsning (ST) LACShri Jason Sawkmie Mawlong
1212 Umroi (ST) LACShri Damanbait Lamare
1313 Mawryngkneng (ST) LACShri Pyniaid Sing Syiem
1414 Pynthorumkhrah (ST) LACShri Rocky Hek
1515 Mawlai (ST) LACShri Teibor Pathaw
1616 East ShillongDr. M. Ampareen Lyngdoh
1717 North ShillongShri Ransom Sutnga
1818 West ShillongShri Mohendro Rapsang
1919 South Shillong
2020 Mylliem (ST) LACShri Hamletson Dohling
Sl.No.Name of ConstituencyName of Candidate
2121 Nongthymmai (ST) LACDr. Jasmine Lyngdoh
2222 Nongkrem (ST) LACShri Dasakhiatbha Lamare
2323 Sohiong (ST) LACShri Samlin Malngiang
2424 Mawphlang (ST) LACShri Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem
2525 Mawsynram (ST) LACShri Alvin K. Sawkmie
2626 Shella (ST) LACSmti Grace Mary Kharpuri
2727 Pynursla (ST) LACShri Prestone Tynsong
2828 Sohra (ST) LACShri Alan West
2929 Mawkynrew (ST) LACShri Kansing Lyngshiang
3030 Mairang (ST) LAC
3131 Mawthadraishan (ST) LACSmti Biolinda Lyngdoh Nonglait
3232 Nongstoin (ST) LACShri Macmillan Byrsat
3333 Rambrai Jyrngam (ST) LACShri Kimfa Sydney Marbaniang
3434 Mawshynrut (ST) LACShri Gigur Marthong
3535 Ranikor (ST) LACShri Martin M. Danggo
3636 Mawkyrwat (ST) LACShri H. Stalyne Diengdoh
3737 Kharkutta (ST) LACShri Rupert M. Momin
3838 Mendipathar (ST) LACShri Marthon J. Sangma
3939 Resubelpara (ST) LACShri Timothy D. Shira
4040 Bajengdoba (ST) LACShri Pongseng R. Marak
Sl.No.Name of ConstituencyName of Candidate
4141 Songsak (ST) LACShri Nihim D. Shira
4242 Rongjeng (ST) LACShri Jim M. Sangma
4343 Williamnagar (ST) LACShri Marchise N. Marak
4444 Raksamgre (ST) LACShri Limison D. Sangma
4545 Tikrikilla (ST) LACShri Jimmy D. Sangma
4646 PhulbariShri Abu Taher Mondal
4747 RajabalaShri Abdus Saleh
4848 Selsella (ST) LACShri Arbinstone Marak
4949 Dadenggre (ST) LACShri James P.K.Sangma
5050 North Tura (ST) LACShri Thomas A. Sangma
5151 South Tura (ST) LACShri Conrad K. Sangma
5252 Rangsakona (ST) LACShri Subir Marak
5353 Ampati (ST) LACShri Stevie M. Marak
5454 Mahendraganj (ST) LACShri Sanjay A. Sangma
5555 Salmanpara (ST) LACShri Ian Botham K. Sangma            
5656 Gambegre (ST) LACShri Rakesh A. Sangma
5757 Dalu (ST) LACShri Brening A. Sangma
5858 Rongara Siju (ST) LACShri Rakkam A. Sangma
5959 Chokpot (ST) LACShri Sengchim N. Sangma
6060 Baghmara (ST) LACShri Satto R. Marak

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