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Labour Party doesn’t have any plan, our country at risk if they win, says Rishi Sunak

First Published: 26th May, 2024 8:14 IST

Earlier on May 22, Rishi Sunak in a surprise announcement outside Downing Street declared the general election on July 4.

As the countdown for UK general elections has started, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Saturday launched an attack on the opposition Labour Party, alleging that they “don’t have a plan” and will push the country into “uncertainty.”
Earlier on May 22, Rishi Sunak in a surprise announcement outside Downing Street declared the general election on July 4.

Taking to social media platform X, Sunak said, “We all know that Labour doesn’t have a plan. But what does that actually mean if they got into power?”
“Uncertainty. Who knows what they would do in government? They won’t tell us how they would fund any of their policies. They refused to meet our defence spending pledge. But what is the cost of this uncertainty?” he asked.
The UK PM said that an uncertain future has consequences, which make the world “more dangerous”. Sunak also affirmed that he has taken the “bold action” necessary to secure the country.
“An uncertain future has consequences. Our enemies notice. The world becomes more dangerous as they take advantage of our weakness. This leads to higher prices of food and fuel, as well as a greater risk of attacks against our nation,” Sunak said.
“It doesn’t have to be this way. Inaction leads to uncertainty, so I’ve already taken the bold action necessary to secure our country. I’ve already increased defence spending and committed to protecting our allies,” he said.
Attacking the opposition, Sunak said that the Conservatives are committed to protect the nation, while the whole country will be at risk if the Labour Party wins.
“We commit to protecting our nation. They refused to meet our defence spending pledge. We take the decisions to protect our energy security. They blocked new sources of power for our country. We take the bold decisions necessary to secure our country. They do nothing,” Sunak said.
“The consequences of uncertainty are clear. No plan means a more dangerous world. You, your family and our country are all at risk if Labour wins,” he added.
Sunak was required to hold a vote by January 2025 and had long avoided specifying his plans. However, a drop in inflation rates announced this week set the stage for him calling snap polls.
This decision started a six-week campaign widely expected to end in the fall of Sunak’s Conservative government. (ANI)

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