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Former Sikkim CM criticizes Jain committee’s findings in Padam Gurung’s death case

First Published: 4th November, 2023 14:12 IST

Chamling shared his concerns and highlighted several questions surrounding the investigation

Pawan Chamling, Sikkim Democratic Front president has expressed dissatisfaction with the findings of the Jain Committee’s report regarding the mysterious death of Padam Gurung. In a Facebook post, Chamling shared his concerns and highlighted several questions surrounding the investigation.

Chamling began by stating, “At long last, the Jain Committee submitted its report on the mysterious death of Padam Gurung. The report says that the death was accidental. The patient waiting with his family has ended now. Unfortunately, this was not what the bereaved family had been waiting for during this agonizingly long investigation.”

He pointed out that there were audio recordings and videos of eyewitnesses, as well as simple logic, suggesting that it was highly improbable for Padam Gurung to have died in a 1.5-foot drain. Chamling expressed doubt about the government’s handling of the case, stating, “Although the government has closed the case on the conclusion of an ‘accidental death,’ there are too many unanswered questions that beg answers.”

Chamling raised concerns about the timing of suspending two police officers, questioning why they were not suspended during the initial police investigation if they had committed lapses. He also mentioned allegations of police coercion on witnesses and the need for such actions if the death was indeed accidental.

The former Chief Minister criticized the government’s approach to the investigation, emphasizing the multiple transitions of responsibility, from the police to a Special Investigation Team (SIT), and finally to the Jain Committee. He demanded transparency regarding the findings of the police investigation and the SIT.

Chamling also expressed concerns about possible tampering with CCTV footage, urging the preservation of vital video evidence for future investigations.

Chamling stressed the importance of justice and called for unity among the people of Sikkim in the pursuit of truth and accountability. He expressed solidarity with Padam Gurung’s family and remained hopeful that justice would eventually prevail.

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