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Lok Sabha Polls-Tripura: CM Manik Saha backs welfare of tribals, reiterates about BJP’s commitment to do more

First Published: 23rd April, 2024 18:22 IST

CM Manik Saha maintained that his government has already issued necessary instructions to the competent authorities to ensure that every point which has been agreed in the Tiprasa Accord be

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha today once again pitched for the development of the indigenous tribal population in the state. CM Saha who is on a whirlwind campaign trail to drum up support for BJP’s Tripura East Lok Sabha candidate Kriti Devi Singh Debbarma was addressing a rally in Kanchanpur today.

In his address to a sea of supporters, CM Manik Saha maintained that his government has already issued necessary instructions to the competent authorities to ensure that every point which has been agreed in the Tiprasa Accord be executed in the true sense.

Saha also alleged that the Left regime had totally ignored the sentiments of tribals and kept them deprived of wellbeing. The Tripura CM drew a stark contrast between the then leaders in Delhi and Tripura and the present central leadership.

“Previous govts kept issues unresolved so that they could convert those issues into vote bank politics. You all have seen crocodile tears before BJP came to power in 2018, now everyone has to understand PM Modi has been repeatedly insisting that without the welfare of the tribals, there can be no development of tribals. So we are working in that direction.

I still remember when I was in Delhi and met HM AMit Shah, spoke about the demand for a settlement. Then I could witness his innate feelings when he said that they (Tiprasas) are our people, we have to ensure a settlement for them. This is how our leaders are,” CM Manik Saha said.

Assuring that all the needful is being done to implement the Tiprasa Accord, CM Saha said, “I have asked District Magistrates and other officials to expedite works and resolve issues which should be done immediately as agreed in the Tiprasa Accord. We have taken steps to move things fast. Development of the tribals can happen only under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

The Tripura CM furhter said that it was only under BJP’s rule that a separate ministry to work for the development of the tribal population was established. Saha also assured that the BJP and its allies will work for the sole agenda of development in the days to come.

“The Congress and the UPA was in power for decades but they did not do anything for the welfare of the tribal, nor did they set up any ministry or any department was created to resolve the issues. It was under Atal Bihari Vajpayee, that the tribal welfare ministry was created. We gurantee that problems of every individual will be resolved.

I want that every caste and community come together for creating a beautiful ‘Model Tripura’, the BJP seeks Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas.

Every indigenous community have now understood that without PM Modi their development is not possible. So the IPFT was with us already, and now the TIPRA Motha is also with us. We will work together so that we can complete everything which are left to be done,” CM Saha said.

CM Manik Saha also sharpened his attack on the Opposition and maintained that the essence of democracy could not be felt until the BJP came to power.

CM Saha said, “I hope that the BJP, IPFT and TIPRA, the power of Trishul will stop the I.N.D.I. Alliance of which the CPIM is a part. And how to stop them, it is just one finger (through vote).

I have seen it everywhere, be it the Congress or CPIM, they can now hold meetings anywhere and speak whatever they want. WE have taught them what democracy means.

Earlier (before the BJP came to power), the situation was such that democracy was ignored. Had democracy been paramount, people would not have been thrown to prisons during times of emergency.”