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Sikkim: Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee to boycott SKM govt in 2024 assembly election

First Published: 18th November, 2023 15:43 IST

Leaders of the Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee (LTVC) informed about this after a solidarity march in Jorethang

In a significant development which can have far reaching implications in the political landscape of Sikkim, the Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee(LTVC) have decided to boycott the SKM government.

This is indeed a significant development in the run up to the 2024 assembly elections in the Himalayan state.

Mukum Hang Limboo, Press and Publicly Secretary of LTVC informed about this decision while speaking to Northeast Live, as members of both the communities took to the streets in protest against the government.

It may be mentioned that there has been a growing demand for seat reservation for the Limboo Tamang communities in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly. But both the communities are unhappy with the PS Tamang government since the SKM had promised to fulfil the demand within 10 days of coming to power, but has allegedly failed to do so till today.

The LTVC leader said, “Limboo and Tamang Community is boycotting the SKM government since they have almost betrayed us. Elections are democratic, we cannot go against the democracy, we are only boycotting the government since they are misguiding us. We will go for anybody other than the SKM.”
“Since we are boycotting the SKM government this time from our community, wish there will be no voting for the SKM government, since they lied to us and they misguided our community,” Mukum Hang Limboo said.

Lashing out at the SKM government, Limboo said, “We have gathered after a long time. This rally has been carried out because we feel a sense of betrayal because it has been like 4 years since the formation of this SKM government, they have promised before elections that they will be able to provide LT seat within 10 days. So it has been like almost 4 years, they are unable to do so, and even unable to produce a formula.

What is the exact formula to be placed and on which ground they are providing us LT seat? Since now they have not disclosed any formula, this is the main reason why we are here. There is no formula they have not disclosed yet.

Since it is a long pending demand of the Limboo Tamang communities for seat reservation in the Sikkim Assembly. Because it has been almost 20 years we have been tagged as ST. So in practicality, in the SLA our seat reservation is not done and also no formula for the same. Since this government has promised us that within 10 days they will be providing us LT seat and it has been almost 4 years, so the tenure for the present government is almost gone.”

Worth mentioning various groups and organisations representing both the communities have been pushing for 6 separate Limboo Tamang tribal seats in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly.

On September 22, 2018, Law Minister Kunga Nima Lepcha, had presented a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Sikkim requesting for his insights in resolving the issue. This letter implored the Prime Minister to offer assistance in resolving the issue of LT seat reservation.

Despite these efforts, the committee formed by the SKM party, under the chairmanship of Lok Sabha MP Indra Hang Subba, is yet to make public its report or the formula to be implemented.

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