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Lok Sabha Polls-Assam: Congress gave nothing except insurgency and protests, Amit Shah’s blazing attack on Rahul Gandhi

First Published: 9th April, 2024 16:40 IST

According to Home Minister Amit Shah, the Congress also left the borders of Assam so as to facilitate entry of illegal migrants, which he said was a sin by the

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today launched a scathing attack on the Congress just when the nation is bracing for the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections on April 19.

Addressing a massive rally in support of BJP candidate Pradan Baruah, who is contesting the elections from the Lakhimpur parliamentary seat, blamed the Congress for not honouring the sentiments of Assam especially when the state was growing through a ‘dark phase’ of insurgency, protests and influx.

Amit Shah in his address in a sharp on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, said that the Congress had committed a sin by ignoring Assam and its people during times of distress.

“Few days ago I saw Rahul Gandhi telling that we have to save the culture of Assam. I want to tell him, I want to ask him, what did you do for Assam, Assam has been experiencing injustice since the times of your grandmother (former PM Indira Gandhi). Thousands of youths had chosen the path of violence, many of them lost their lives, this was sin by the Congress. Except insurgency, protests, terrorism you (Rahul Gandhi, Congress) gave nothing to Assam. Even after signing of the Assam Accord, you failed to fulfil the promises made in it. But after the Bodo Accord was signed, we fulfilled all the promises in the Accord within 2 years,” Shah said.

Highlighting the numerous initiatives taken by the Narendra Modi led government in the last 10 years, for the bigger cause of the state, Amit Shah said, “Narendra Modi government signed more than 10 peace accords so that peace become permanent in Assam. 9000 youths have surrendered and joined the mainstream, and you (Rahul Gandhi) speak about the honour of Assam. You never remembered Gopinath Bordoloi, Bhupen Hazarika. It is only Narendra Modi who recognised Bhupen Hazarika’s immese contributions and decided to honour him with the Bharat Ratna.

You tell about Assam, when you left the borders of Assam porous facilitating the entry of illegal migrants, but when BJP came to power, Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister and Himanta Biswa Sarma became the Chief Minister, I can say that we have been able to put a stop to influx.

Congress never honoured the great Ahom general Lachit Barphukan, but it is Narendra Modi and Himanta Biswa Sarma who decided to raise the statue of Lachit Barphukan. Besides, the government also made provisions that tales of Lachit Barphukan are included in the school curriculum in 23 mediums of languages.”

Not only this, the Union Home Minister openly blamed the Congress for the unabated rhino killings in Assam until the Congress was power in the state.

Shah said, “The ‘operation’ to kill the rhinos began during the Congress regime, but the Himanta Biswa Sarma government protected the rhinos and gave a boost to the tourism industry. The Xatras which symbolizes and bears testimony of Sankardev and Madhadev’s teachings were encroached by illegal immigrants, but the BJP government cleared these lands from the encroachers. The BJP government also cleared Kaziranga from the clutches of the illegal immigrants. And they (Congress) are speaking about the culture of Assam.”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also appealed people to vote for the BJP for the greater good of the entire and make Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister for the third time.

“On the 19th of April you (people) have to decide that in the next 5 years as to who will be your representative in the Parliament, which party will form the government and who will be the next Prime Minister. For this you have two options- On one hand it is the INDI Alliance led by Rahul Gandhi and on the other side it is the BJP led by Narendra Modi. You have to vote to decide this, so that Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister for the 3rd time and BJP will retain power by winning 400+ seats,” Shah said.



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