Pradyot Deb Barman has shot off a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah appealing for resettlement of Brus in Tripura.

In the letter, the former Tripura congress chief expressed his concern and anguish over the suspension of ration supply to the Brus and mentioned that in accordance to the Rajamala, the Bru community stands with the historical ties to the royal house of Tripura.

He also said the Brus actually belonged to Tripura earlier and the first wave of displacement commenced when the now-defunct Dumbur Hydro Power Project in Gomati district was initiated in the mid-1970s in the state.

Deb Barman also pointed out that under Principle 18, these people are guaranteed a supply of potable water and food. Furthermore, under Principle 28, they are also guaranteed the right to settle in whichever part of the country that they choose to settle.

He also wrote that according to the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement published by the United Nations, which are deemed to be consistent with the various conventions and International Treaties like the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that India is part to our country has certain obligations towards the indigenous Brus.

This is not the first time Pradyot has extended support to Bru refugees. Earlier last month when state government had stopped providing ration to them, Pradyot had announced that he would file a writ petition with the High Court of Tripura against the state and Centre for violating the Indian constitution and stopping the supply of food and cash dole to the Bru relief camp inmates.