Mystery shrouds the sighting of missing AN-32 Aircraft; search ops continue on Day 3

There is still no trace of the AN-32 aircraft that had gone missing on its way to Mechuka Advanced Landing Ground in Arunachal from Jorhat air base in Assam.

While after two days of intense search operations, reports were finally coming in that the wreckage of the missing AN-32 aircraft has been spotted, the confirmation on the same is yet to come.

According to official sources in West Siang district, the missing aircraft had been located somewhere in the Molo-Molom area under Siang district.

Reportedly, after the sighting of the missing aircraft, the ground search operation team had left for the area which supposedly falls on the no man’s land between the borders of India and China. However, there has been no further information on the sighting.


According to the latest update from the Indian Air Force, the search and rescue operations are still on with helicopters and Hercules C-130 still on the job.

Meanwhile, local hunters and mountain experts are a part of the rescue team that has been rushed to the Molom area in Siang where the aircraft has supposedly been sighted.

The search and rescue operations will continue through the night with support from Indian Army, Navy, police and state administration.

Even though search by Indian Air Force and Indian Army helicopters was adversely affected during the day today, ground teams and air borne sensors will continue search efforts through the night.