It’s almost 4 days since the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in the frontier state of Arunachal Pradesh got over.

However, one polling team can still take out time to bask in the glory of ensuring the right to exercise franchise is made available to the last person in any remote corner of the state.

By around 9.30 am on Thursday, Malogam village in Arunachal Pradesh’s Anjaw district had achieved a 100% voter turnout.

Its sole voter, 39-year-old Sokela Tayang had arrived in the tin shed that was the village’s makeshift polling station and cast her vote for both the state assembly and the Lok Sabha elections at the village’s makeshift polling station.

Though it was over in a flash, setting up the station had taken considerable effort. The five-member election team headed by Gammar Bam had set out early on Wednesday morning, first travelling by bus and then by foot.

While speaking to Northeast Live, presiding officer Gammar Bam informed that though the team had wrapped up its work early, the poor mobile network in the area mean that the district administration was unable to get in touch with the polling party to establish that.

It was only by early evening that the police informed the returning officer that Tayang had cast her vote.


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