A much awaited political development in the state of Sikkim as the Hamro Sikkim Party, which is also supported by former Indian Football Team Captain Baichung Bhutia is all set to go for official launch with the release of party flag and ideology book on May 31 in the remote village of Daramdin in West Sikkim.

A month ago, Baichung Bhutia along with few other party members had declared the name of the party in the national capital. However, Baichung skipped the press conference for reasons unknown on Sunday. M.D. Dahal, the Spokesperson of the Hamro Sikkim Party addressed the media on Baichung’s behalf.

Citing the importance of change, Mr. Dahal said that the party will be also launched at the remote village of Daramdin in West Sikkim on May 31 in the presence of 15,000-20,000 supporters.

Speaking about the ruling SDF party’s Gram Sabha on the very same date, Mr. Dahal interpreted the clash of dates as fear of the ruling party, calling it an undemocratic act.