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Viral Video: Man Books An Entire Plane To Travel With Family For His Wedding

First Published: 12th February, 2023 20:39 IST

A groom decided to book an entire plane for his family and relatives to travel to his wedding

Weddings in India are extravagant affairs and people often go overboard to make their wedding day stand out. From exotic destination weddings to grand entries, couples these days ensure everyone remembers their wedding. Speaking of which, a groom decided to book an entire plane for his family and relatives to travel to his wedding.

A video from the flight filled with enthusiastic guests is now going viral on Instagram. The video was shared on a page called The Shubh Wedding on Instagram and was captioned, ”Day 1: Ride to get @drolia_shagun home.”

In a video, the groom’s family and relatives are seen waving, cheering loudly, and making heart shapes with their hands inside the plane. The excited groom named Bhuwan is also seen in the clip with mehendi in his hands and making goofy faces for the camera. According to other videos shared by the user, the wedding took place in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Here are some other videos from the wedding:

Since being shared, the video has received 17 lakh views, has been liked over 38,000 times, and has amassed several comments. Many internet users were surprised to see the entire clan flying together.  While some spoke of the money spent, others were keen on taking jibes at relatives in general.

One user jokingly wrote, ”Just want to earn this much money in life.” Another commented, ”tell me you are rich without telling it.” A third said, ”I am genuinely curious. How much does it cost? All I need is the distance and price to get an estimate. All the airlines have just a form and don’t show the estimate.” Many reacted using heart and fire emojis.

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