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UPSC’s glaring goof up; 4 UPSC candidates with same name end up with same roll number, same rank

First Published: 26th May, 2023 16:01 IST

Two women from Madhya Pradesh with same name and roll number secured rank 184, two candidates from Bihar and Haryana with same name and roll numbers secured 44th rank

At a time when the qualifying candidates of UPSC Civil Services Exam 2022 are celebrating their success having cracked one of India’s most coveted and most sought after exams, the results came as huge shock for 4 candidates – two girls from Madhya Pradesh and one each from Bihar and Harayana. The two girls from Madhya Pradesh with same names and same roll numbers secured rank 184 and the two boys with same name, same roll number but from two different states, secured 44th rank.

Its Ayasha Fatima Vs. Ayasha Makrani in Madhya Pradesh:

Ayasha Fatima, 23, of Dewas district, and Ayasha Makrani, 26, of Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh, have the same first names. They had the same roll numbers and secured the same 184th rank.

The duo who live about 200 kilometres apart, have produced admit cards with the same roll number to back their claims. They have also filed complaints with the local police and the UPSC, alleging fraud and seeking clarification, reported NDTV.

A closer look at their admit cards reveals more discrepancies. Makrani’s card mentions the date of the personality test – a crucial component of the exam – as April 25, 2023, and the day as Thursday. Fatima’s card shows the same date but the day as Tuesday. According to the calendar, April 25, 2023, was a Tuesday.

Moreover, Makrani’s card resembles a printing on plain paper without any QR codes, but Ayasha Fatima’s card has a UPSC watermark with a QR code.

While Ayasha Makrani said that it had taken her two years of hard work to pass the examination and so she will not let anyone else take her right, Ayasha Fatima echoed her sentiments and said she was shocked to learn that someone else had the same roll number as hers and said “I will see that there should be no such fraud, whatever memorandum or anything is to be given, I will see further.”

As per reports, UPSC had made the necessary corrections and that Ayasha Fatima was the correct candidate. They also said that they would investigate how such an error occurred.

In the other case, its Tushar Kumar from Haryana Vs Tushar Kumar from Bihar:

Sitting 1,324 kilometers apart, two youths with the same name–Tushar Kumar from Haryana’s Rewari and Tushar Kumar from Bihar’s Bhagalpur have presented their call letters on which their roll numbers are same and both appeared for the personality test on May 8 at 1 pm at the UPSC office in New Delhi. They have claimed to secure 44th rank in UPSC 2023 examinations, according to a Hindustan Times report.

Bihar’s Tushar said he learnt about the matter via news channels which reported that Haryana’s Tushar was felicitated by the local administration for securing the 44th rank. Soon after he filed a complaint with Kaimur Police Station in this regard and urged police to take action against Rewari’s Tushar Kumar for falsely claiming the 44th rank.

He also alleged that the Haryana resident has forged his admit card and said that he has requested the latter to share his documents many times but he did not share.

He said that admit card of Bihar’s Tushar Kumar does not have his Aadhaar details and the QR code on his call letter does not show any information whereas his admit card has Aadhaar details does and the QR code on his call letter shows all his information.

Haryana’s Tushar refuted the claim and said that he will go to the UPSC office to get clarification from the staff. “I lost my parents a few years ago and have been studying in Rewari… I cleared the examination without any coaching,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rewari Deputy Commissioner Imran Raza said that the police are aware of the matter but it is the job of the UPSC to clear the air. These candidates are now in mental distress and are seeking justice.

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