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Tripura: INDIA Bloc terms BJP “burden of society” as public rejects party nationwide, labeled ‘Maharaj’ Pradyot as ‘Mahajan’

First Published: 3rd April, 2024 20:52 IST

Roy Barman, a seven-term MLA, who briefly served as a minister in the BJP government's Biplab Deb cabinet before returning to Congress, called upon the BJP to present a "progress

Tripura leaders of the Opposition INDIA bloc on Wednesday dubbed the BJP a “burden on society,” citing widespread public rejection during Lok Sabha election campaigns across the nation.

While speaking to media, former minister, Congress Working Committee (CWC) member, and Tripura INDIA Bloc co-convener Sudip Roy Barman expressed astonishment at the overwhelming response received by the INDIA bloc in the state.

He stated, “The response we have got so far is beyond our imagination. People want change in both Parliamentary constituencies of the state along with the rest of the country. People are fed up with this government.”

Roy Barman, a seven-term MLA, who briefly served as a minister in the BJP government’s Biplab Deb cabinet before returning to Congress, called upon the BJP to present a “progress report” of their achievements and future vision.

Roy accused the party of resorting to divisive tactics and intimidation, including burning opposition campaign materials, assaulting opposition party workers, and misusing central agencies such as the CBI, ED, and Income Tax.

“The INDIA bloc demands a caste census and addresses issues like unemployment. While China encroaches upon our land and alters our nation’s geography, Modi focuses on India-Pakistan relations. This diversion of attention is shameful,” Sudip Roy Barman said.

He warned that democracy and the Constitution are under threat under BJP rule, urging the Election Commission of India (ECI) to ensure a free and fair election process.

Echoing similar sentiments, INDIA Bloc co-convener Jitendra Chaudhary, also the CPIM state secretary and Opposition Leader, responded to BJP’s accusations of allying with Congress despite past conflicts.
He acknowledged past clashes and casualties between the two parties but emphasized that the BJP poses a more significant threat to democracy itself.

Chaudhary criticized BJP’s alleged manipulation of democratic processes, citing instances where opposition parties were allegedly prevented from contesting elections.

He raised concerns over the delayed Village Committee elections in TTAADC areas, suggesting that BJP’s grip on power could stifle future elections altogether.

Addressing concerns over vote transfer within the INDIA alliance, Sudip Roy Barman assured that full cooperation among the parties ensures effective vote transfer, contrary to BJP’s claims.

Both Roy Barman and Chaudhary also criticised BJP’s West Tripura candidate Biplab Kumar Deb and TIPRA Motha founder Pradyot Kishore Debbarma.

They demanded explanations from BJP regarding Deb’s removal from the Chief Minister post and his subsequent candidacy.

Both also criticized Pradyot Kishore Debbarma for allegedly betraying the trust of the indigenous people and aligning with BJP for personal gains.

Roy Barman asserted that Pradyot should no longer be addressed as ‘Maharaj’ but rather labeled a ‘Mahajan’ (money lender).

As the election fervor intensifies, the rift between the Opposition and the ruling party widens, setting the stage for a contentious electoral battle.



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