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Special treats in Assam’s CM house: CM Sarma, wife hosts dinner for little Vaishnav monks

It was an unique occasion at the Assam Chief Minister’s residence yesterday as a group of young Vaishnav monks turned up to join him for dinner. A total of 47

It was an unique occasion at the Assam Chief Minister’s residence yesterday as a group of young Vaishnav monks turned up to join him for dinner.

A total of 47 young boys who are Vaishnav monks from the Satras of Majuli paid a visit to CM Himanta Biswa Sarma’s residence, where they were treated to a hearty dinner by the CM and his family members.

The young monks of Bhakats, who dubbed themselves as the Chief Minister’s nephews, had visited Guwahati with the intention of wishing the CM on his birthday.

Yesterday, the young boys were given a special tour of Guwahati on behalf of the CM, and later in the night, they were treated to a sumptuous meal hosted by the CM Sarma and his wife Riniki Bhuyan Sharma.

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The young boys had a gala time as they had a hearty meal and also interacted freely with the Chief Minister. Some of them also extended an invitation to CM Sarma to come to Majuli and pay them a visit.

Meanwhile, Riniki Bhuyan Sharma said that hosting these Bhakats at their house was a unique experience and they had great pleasure in having them at their place.

The young boy was visibly happy with the experience of having dinner with the Assam Chief Minister and getting to have free interaction with him.


First Published: 3rd February, 2022 10:01 IST



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