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NNPGs lash out at NSCN-IM over delay in conclusion of Naga Peace talks

First Published: 27th July, 2022 13:14 IST

The NNPGs have once again lashed out at the NSCN-IM for the delay in conclusion of talks. Speaking exclusively to Northeast Live, co-convener of NNPGs Isak Sumi said that it

The NNPGs have once again lashed out at the NSCN-IM for the delay in conclusion of talks. Speaking exclusively to Northeast Live, co-convener of NNPGs Isak Sumi said that it was perplexing as to why the NSCN-IM keeps changing its stand and delay the solution on some pretext or the other.

Sumi claimed that the talks between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM should have concluded in August 2015 and the need for official conclusion of talks in October 2019 should not have arose.

Significantly, the NNPG leader said the Flag and Constitution is an afterthought and was never part of FA. The NNPGs also released a video to the media on the Framework agreement.

Reacting to the NSCN-IM statement issued on Monday wherein it questioned the Government of India for signing 2 agreements, the FA and the Agreed position, the NNPG co-convener said that it is beyond comprehension as to why the IM changes its stand every now and then.

Isak Sumi said that it is not for anyone to decide which agreement should be the final solution. The solution should be comprehensive and inclusive and fully endorsed by the Naga people.

Significantly, the NNPGs also questioned the very basis of Framework Agreement terming it a unilateral act on the part of the NSCN-IM without consulting or taking the endorsement of the Naga civil society or other Naga groups.

The NNPG co-convener added that the FA is a single page declaration and there is no such content in Black and white that has been shown to the people. Sumi even suspects if the demands in black and white are with the Government of India either which means the inherent demand of the Naga people have been compromised.

The NNPG co-convener added that no endorsement was taken from the civil society or people of Chief ministers of the concerned states before signing the FA.

Meanwhile, NNPG working committee coordinator Alezo Venuh said that the IM should come out with a roadmap or else it will amount to fooling the Naga people.

The NNPGS added that the it will be pertinent to say that the Framework Agreement is the conclusion of the talks process between the NSCN-IM and Government of India. NPGs however said that it cannot be termed as an Indo-Naga agreement as people and stakeholders were not consulted.

Meanwhile, NNPGS working committee coordinator Alezo Venuh spoke on the role of the Core Committee and the recent resolutions adopted by it.



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