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Nagaland Guv La Ganesan condemns DMK leader’s ‘dog eaters’ remark on Nagas

First Published: 7th November, 2023 20:25 IST

Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi, who also served as Nagaland Governor, also lashed out at Bharathi over his remarks and said that Bharathi has 'insulted' the Naga people which

Nagaland Governor, La Ganesan has expressed deep dismay over recent comments made by senior leader of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMk), R S Bharathi regarding the Naga people’s dietary preferences, allegedly calling the whole Naga community as ‘dog-eaters’.

Bharathi made the remark at a party event held to mark the centenary of late party patriarch M Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu recently.

Condemning the remarks, Governor Ganesan said, “This unwarranted assumption, branding the whole Naga community as dog-eaters, is not only in poor taste but also maligns our diverse and dignified culture. Nagaland is home to a rich and varied heritage, where every tribal group brings its unique culture and tradition to our vibrant tapestry. To stereotype and belittle the entire population based on the dietary preference of a few is not only disrespectful but inevitably leads to the distortion of our identity.”

“We must remember that eating habits are a personal choice and do not define one’s character, dignity, or value. Hence, nobody should be insulted or disrespected based on such preferences. A person’s culture, ethics, and contribution to society characterize them, and not what is on their plate. I respectfully reiterate that the Nagas are dignified and cultured people deeply committed to their rich cultural heritage,” said the Governor.

The Governor highlighted the peaceful co-existence between Tamils and Nagas, both in Nagaland and Tamil Nadu, as a testament to mutual respect for each other’s traditions.

He has also dismissed claims that former Governor of Nagaland and current Governor of Tamil Nadu, R N Ravi was chased out of Nagaland, emphasizing the admiration and respect most Nagas have expressed for him.

Governor Ganesan called upon leaders and communities to exercise caution and respect when discussing diverse cultures.

He urged everyone to promote mutual respect, discourage divisive behaviors, and strengthen unity among all communities and appealed to the people of Nagaland to disregard the recent statement, emphasizing that it does not represent the genuine voice of the Tamil people.

Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi also lashed out at Bharathi over his remarks and said that Bharathi has ‘insulted’ the Naga people which is scurrilous and unacceptable.

BJP Nagaland also strongly condemned and expressed dismay over Bharathi’s remarks. Advisor, Prison and Printing & Stationery and BJP state Vice President Kropol Vitsu, said that the remarks made by RS Bharathi is a racist attack against the Nagas.
Meanwhile, reacting to the controversy, RS Bharathi said that his speech is being ‘misinterpreted’. He said that he was not insulting Naga people and rather praised them.



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