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Naga Political Issue: Fmr CM SC Jamir writes to PM Modi

First Published: 7th December, 2023 15:58 IST

Jamir urged Modi to use his political courage and determination to bring about a conclusive and peaceful agreement

Former Nagaland Chief Minister, SC Jamir, has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to take decisive action within the next two months to bring an end to the longstanding Naga political issue.

In the letter, Jamir congratulated Modi on the recent electoral successes of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in several states.
Jamir highlighted Modi’s leadership qualities, citing his pragmatic approach and commitment to fulfilling promises.

He commended the BJP’s growth across India, emphasizing the party’s performance in various state elections. The letter also acknowledged Modi’s efforts in steering India’s economy towards stability and achieving robust growth.

Turning to the Naga peace talks, SC Jamir, recalled the initiation of negotiations in 1997 during his tenure as Nagaland’s Chief Minister. He noted the progress made since 2014 under Modi’s government but emphasized the need for a final resolution. Jamir urged Modi to use his political courage and determination to bring about a conclusive and peaceful agreement, expressing confidence that such an achievement would be remembered as a significant milestone in Naga history.

As Modi approaches the end of his second term as Prime Minister, Jamir underscored the critical juncture in human and national history, urging him to make a final decision within the next two months.

“Dear Shri Modi, you have come to the end of your second term as India’s Prime Minister. I have always held the conviction that only a single-minded determined approach from your end can bring an end to the complex Naga issue. The traditional A, B, C belongs to you — that is, the ability to deliver, a balanced approach the clarity in mind and also the political courage. Hence, I will be only repeating myself that before your second term ends — in fact in the next two months – you can take a final call to bring an end to the Naga issue. As someone who joined Naga politics decades back and as someone who has seen so many ups and downs; I assure you, in all my sincerity, your name will be recorded in golden letters in Naga history if a peace pact is inked now,” wrote SC Jamir.

The letter conveyed the expectations of the Naga people and various delegations for a prompt resolution to the Naga political issue.

Jamir concluded the letter by extending his good wishes for Modi’s administrative and political endeavours, expressing hope that a peace pact would be a well-earned accomplishment during the current period of national history.

“I am confident at your level you also understand the importance of bringing an end to the pending Naga political issue. Several Naga delegations including the Gaon Borah Federation and leaders have also impressed upon to bring an earlier Solution. Nagas of Nagaland state in particular and the Nagas, in general, are keenly looking towards your political leadership. The Naga Solution will be a true and well-earned feather in your cap as India’s Prime Minister at such a critical juncture of human and our national history of Amritkal. Extending all my good wishes in your administrative and political endeavours”, stated SC Jamir.

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