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Last Updated: 2nd February, 2023 16:49 IST

Meghalaya: UDP announces second list

First Published: 9th January, 2023 17:29 IST

UDP general secretary, Jemino Mawthoh made the announcement of the second list

Ahead of upcoming Meghalaya assembly election, the United Democratic Party (UDP) on Tuesday announced the second list of the party candidates.

The two names featured in the second list includes former MLA, John Leslee K. Sangma who will be contesting against Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma from South Tura and Pilne A. Sangma from North Tura.

UDP general secretary, Jemino Mawthoh made the announcement of the second list after the meeting of the State Election Committee held at the party office.

It may be mentioned that UDP had announced the candidates for the 32 seats in the first list including seven from Garo Hills region.
Check the full list here:

  1. Kyrmen Shylla (Khliehriat)
  2. Lahkmen Rymbui (Amlarem)
  3. Brolding Nongsiej (Mawthadraishan)
  4. Metbah Lyngdoh
  5. Titos Chyne (Sohra)
  6. Balajied Synrem (Shella)
  7. Marwein (Ranikor)
  8. Nujorki Sungoh (Mookaiaw)
  9. Dr Aman War (North Shillong)
  10. HDR Lyngdoh (Sohiong)
  11. Remington Pyngrope (Mawkynrew)
  12. Anthony Kongwang (Pynursla)
  13. Moonlight Pariat (Jowai)
  14. Dawan Lyngdoh (Nartiang),
  15. Baiahunlang Makdoh (Mawhati),
  16. Bathok Nongmalieh (Jirang),
  17. Sunshine Makri ( Umsning),
  18. Dr Osaphi Jyrwa (Mawryngkneng),
  19. Mitchell Wankhar (Mylliem),
  20. Olan Suin (Mawsynram),
  21. Polestar Nongsiej (Nongstoin),
  22. Paul Lyngdoh (West Shillong),
  23. Jemino Mawthoh (Nongthymmai)
  24. Luderberg Ch. Momin (Kharkutta),
  25. Subroto G. Marak (Mendipathar),
  26. Tapash D. Marak (Resubelpara),
  27. Rakman Ch. Marak (Bajengdoba),
  28. Andreas G. Momin (Rongjeng),
  29. Ronald Rikman Sangma (Salmanpara),
  30. Kennethson R. Sangma (Dalu)
  31. Ashahel D. Shira (Rajabala)
  32. J Treilang Suchiang (Shangpung Constituency)
  33. John Leslee K. Sangma (South Tura Constituency)
  34. Pilne A. Sangma (North Tura Constituency)

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