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Meghalaya Assembly 2023: UDP announces 1st list of 32 candidates. Check full list here

First Published: 6th December, 2022 17:20 IST

Second list will be published soon

The United Democratic Party (UDP) on Tuesday announced the names of 32 candidates to contest the 2023 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly elections.

Some of the prominent names are sitting MLAs and Cabinet ministers Kyrmen Shylla (Khliehriat), Lahkmen Rymbui (Amlarem), Brolding Nongsiej (Mawthadraishan), president of UDP and Speaker of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Metbah Lyngdoh ,Chief Executive Member of Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) Titos Chyne (Sohra), sitting MLA Balajied Synrem (Shella), sitting MLAs Pius Marwein (Ranikor), and Nujorki Sungoh (Mookaiaw).

The other prominent names are Dr Aman War (North Shillong), HDR Lyngdoh (Sohiong), Remington Pyngrope (Mawkynrew), Anthony Kongwang (Pynursla), Moonlight Pariat (Jowai).

Candidate Names List

The others who made it to the list are Dawan Lyngdoh (Nartiang), Baiahunlang Makdoh (Mawhati), Bathok Nongmalieh (Jirang), Sunshine Makri ( Umsning), Dr Osaphi Jyrwa (Mawryngkneng), Mitchell Wankhar (Mylliem), Olan Suin (Mawsynram), Polestar Nongsiej (Nongstoin), Paul Lyngdoh (West Shillong), Jemino Mawthoh (Nongthymmai).

Candidate Names List

From Garo Hills, Luderberg Ch. Momin (Kharkutta), Subroto G. Marak (Mendipathar), Tapash D. Marak (Resubelpara), Rakman Ch. Marak (Bajengdoba), Andreas G. Momin (Rongjeng), Ronald Rikman Sangma (Salmanpara), Kennethson R. Sangma (Dalu) and Ashahel D. Shira (Rajabala).

Candidate Names List

These were the candidates approved by the UDP state election committee. General secretary of the party Jemino Mawthoh said that the second list will be announced shortly.

Check the full list here:

  1. Kyrmen Shylla (Khliehriat)
  2. Lahkmen Rymbui (Amlarem)
  3. Brolding Nongsiej (Mawthadraishan)
  4. Metbah Lyngdoh
  5. Titos Chyne (Sohra)
  6. Balajied Synrem (Shella)
  7. Marwein (Ranikor)
  8. Nujorki Sungoh (Mookaiaw)
  9. Dr Aman War (North Shillong)
  10. HDR Lyngdoh (Sohiong)
  11. Remington Pyngrope (Mawkynrew)
  12. Anthony Kongwang (Pynursla)
  13. Moonlight Pariat (Jowai)
  14. Dawan Lyngdoh (Nartiang),
  15. Baiahunlang Makdoh (Mawhati),
  16. Bathok Nongmalieh (Jirang),
  17. Sunshine Makri ( Umsning),
  18. Dr Osaphi Jyrwa (Mawryngkneng),
  19. Mitchell Wankhar (Mylliem),
  20. Olan Suin (Mawsynram),
  21. Polestar Nongsiej (Nongstoin),
  22. Paul Lyngdoh (West Shillong),
  23. Jemino Mawthoh (Nongthymmai)
  24. Luderberg Ch. Momin (Kharkutta),
  25. Subroto G. Marak (Mendipathar),
  26. Tapash D. Marak (Resubelpara),
  27. Rakman Ch. Marak (Bajengdoba),
  28. Andreas G. Momin (Rongjeng),
  29. Ronald Rikman Sangma (Salmanpara),
  30. Kennethson R. Sangma (Dalu)
  31. Ashahel D. Shira (Rajabala)
  32. J Treilang Suchiang (Shangpung Constituency)



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