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Manipur Govt lifts ban on broadband internet services, mobile internet service continues to be suspended

First Published: 25th July, 2023 18:41 IST

The government lifted the internet ban on broadband services after almost 3 months with conditions

After almost 3 months, the Manipur government today lifted the ban on broadband internet services but the ban on mobile internet services continues.

The government decided to continue with the suspension on mobile internet services as there are still apprehensions that the spread of disinformation and false rumours, through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc, said the Home Department of Manipur government in an order.

The set conditions that need to be adhered to while using broadband internet are :

  • The connection will be only through static IP and the subscriber concerned shall not accept any other connection other than allowed for the time being (TSP/ISP shall be held responsible for non-compliance with this condition).
  • No Wifi or hotspots shall be allowed from any of the routers and systems using the connection at any cost by the subscriber concerned.
  • Media Access Control Address binding at the system level or router shall be ensured with the help of the ISP/TSP concerned.
  • Blocking of social media websites and VPNs at the local level will be ensured by the subscriber concerned.
  • Subscriber shall have to ensure the removal of any existing VPNs software from the system and not install any new software / VPN App by the subscriber concerned.
  • Enforcing physical monitoring by the subscriber concerned/ the concerned authority/officials of checking violations of the terms and conditions specified.
  • Changing of login ID and password for respective systems on a daily basis.
  • Obeying all orders/regulations regarding any change in the condition under which service is being allowed issued by the state government from time to time by the subscriber concerned.
  • Further, in the event of any violation, the subscriber concerned will be liable to be punished as per the provision of relevant laws of the land in force.
  • ISP shall ensure to obtain an undertaking to the extent as explained above before giving any internet connection in the prescribed format.

Any person found violating the aforesaid orders will be liable for legal action.

Manipur is on the boil since May 3 after an ethenic class broke out between two communities.
Over 160 people have lost their lives, and over 70,000 people have been displaced by the violence during the past two months.



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