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CITU protests in Agartala, demands repeal of draconian hit-and-run laws

First Published: 10th January, 2024 17:17 IST

CPIM criticized the BJP for what they perceive as legislation that imposes harsh penalties without addressing underlying issues

Members of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPIM) affiliated trade union Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) rallied in Agartala on Wednesday, vehemently protesting recent changes in hit-and-run laws, which they consider draconian and anti-working class.

The demonstrators, starting from the CITU office in Office Lane, criticized the BJP for what they perceive as legislation that imposes harsh penalties without addressing underlying issues.

The protesters, carrying banners and raising their voices against the newly enacted law, argued that heightened fines and longer jail terms for drivers involved in ‘hit-and-run’ accidents would create an atmosphere of fear, adversely affecting the entire driving community.

The agitation marks a nationwide movement against the amendments, with particular emphasis on the concerns initially raised by truck drivers and later supported by various other trade unions beside drivers and motor-worker’s unions.

Recently the Parliament has introduced stringent provisions related to ‘hit-and-run’ incidents.

According to the new law, drivers can now face imprisonment for up to 10 years for fleeing and not reporting a fatal accident, a significant escalation from the previous maximum of two years under Section 304A of the IPC (causing death by negligence).

Notably, truck drivers have been at the forefront of protests, expressing their discontent even though the law has not been implemented yet.

Government supporters, countering the protests, defended the necessity for stricter laws, citing the alarming increase in annual road accident fatalities.

The clash of opinions continues as the nation grapples with the balance between road safety and the concerns of various segments of society.

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