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Andhra Pradesh child shows Monkeypox symptoms, result awaited

First Published: 31st July, 2022 7:57 IST

An 8-year-old boy in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur reported symptoms of monkeypox, according to reports. Later, the 8-year-old was admitted to the Government General Hospital in Guntur where he is being

An 8-year-old boy in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur reported symptoms of monkeypox, according to reports.

Later, the 8-year-old was admitted to the Government General Hospital in Guntur where he is being treated in a special unit and is being kept isolated.

District Medical and Health Officer, Guntur Dr Sumaiya Khan said that it is a suspected case of monkeypox. His sample has been collected and sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) Pune and Gandhi Hospital in Secunderabad for confirmation.

More measures would be taken following reading of the report, said GGH officials.

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Monkeypox is a viral zoonosis—a virus that spreads from animals to human, however, it is clinically less severe than smallpox.

Monkeypox symptoms are similar to smallpox symptoms.

Close contact with an animal or person who has the disease, as well as material that has been contaminated with the virus, can spread the monkeypox virus to humans.

The monkeypox virus has two different varieties (clades), one of which originated in Central Africa and the other in West Africa.

And the Monkeypox outbreak in 2022 is caused by the milder West African clade.

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With three cases from Kerala and one case from Delhi, so far India has reported four confirmed cases of the virus.

Despite an upsurge in infections in various other countries, the federal government is now on high alert as a response.

As per reports, Dr. V K Paul of NITI Aayog, who represents the health sector said that there is absolutely no need for alarm.The government has made significant efforts to control the illness.

In an interview with ANI, Dr. Paul attempted to argue that there was no need for extreme alarm, but said that the country and society still needed to remain vigilant.

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This virus generally has an incubation period of 6 to 13 days, although it can range from 5 to 21 days for symptoms to appear.

Early signs of the disease include symptoms similar to the flu like:

4.Muscle aches.
6.Swollen lymph nodes.
Rashes commonly appear a few days later. It can be painful when the rash first appears as flat, red bumps.

These bumps turn into blisters that release pus. Eventually, the blisters will dry out and peel off. Two to four weeks could be needed for the entire process.

Not every monkeypox patient experiences every symptom.
In fact, many cases in the current (2022) outbreak aren’t showing the typical pattern of symptoms.



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