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Watch | Thief dances after looting in viral video, his change of expression on seeing CCTV will crack you up!

First Published: 8th January, 2023 18:43 IST

A thief was seen chewing gutka and dancing after looting two shops. The man's act was caught on CCTV camera.

The internet has a lot of content to crack you up on a dull day. Whether it is animals being playful or humans doing the most bizarre acts and making a fool of themselves. In a recent video, one thief celebrated his robbery with a dance.

Little did he know, his act was being recorded on camera.

In a funny incident from Madhya Pradesh, a thief began dancing and chewing gutkha after knowing that he had looted enough money and valuables to change his life forever. The man robbed two shops, Times Now reported.

As per reports, the owners of the shop were stunned when they came to open their shops the next morning. The locks were broken, and cash and documents were taken. Consequently, the shop owners called the cops. On reaching the site of the robbery, the police officers looked through the CCTV footage. To their surprise, they found the clip of an overjoyed thief dancing after the loot.

Well, the dance did not continue for long. As soon as he noticed the CCTV camera, his expression changed completely. Meanwhile, the thief garnered a lot of fans with his uninhibited dance moves. Moreover, the thief’s victory dance is going viral on social media. The clip was posted on Instagram by swatic12.

“Celebrate all your little wins, they said. Choti choti Khusiyan,” said one. Another user stated, “Thief on showing camera.. No brother, I came to perform.” A third person said, “Wholesome chor giving wholesome vibe for a while.”

Meanwhile, another person claimed, “Small happiness.”

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