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Tripura Governor urges people to socially boycott drug peddlers

First Published: 11th December, 2023 19:19 IST

The Tripura Governor highlighted that there must be a further crackdown on cross border drug cartels.

Tripura Governor Indra Sena Reddy Nallu today reached out to the people in the state and urged them to socially boycott individuals who are involved in peddling of drugs and part of international drug cartels.

Highlighting that such elements are a grave threat to the society as well as the nation as a whole, the Tripura Governor insisted that concerned agencies must work on cutting off the web of network behind pushing drugs to India.

According to the Governor, unless the cross border network is snapped, efforts to curb drugs peddling will face serious challenges.

Governor Reddy in this context referred to kingpins operating from foreign land such as Myanmar and Bangladesh in connivance with druglords on the Indian side.

Emphasizing the importance of social awareness, the Governor called on people from all walks of life to unite against illegal drug trade and related activities.