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Historic Tiprasa Accord signed: Pradyot terms it as a victory for the poor Tiprasas

First Published: 2nd March, 2024 17:20 IST

Elated after what transpired following a series of meetings as well as protests by the TIPRA Motha, the Man of the Moment, Pradyot Debbarma spoke first exclusively to Northeast Live

Years of selfless fight and countless sacrifices made for the cause of the indigenous people in Tripura, TIPRA Motha chief and Tripura Royal scion Pradyot Debbarma finally achieved “victory” as the much anticipated and sought after Tiprasa Accord was signed today in New Delhi.

The development marks the beginning of a new era in terms of safeguarding the rights and priviledges of the indigenous Tiprasa people.

Elated after what transpired following a series of meetings as well as protests by the TIPRA Motha in the past, the Man of the Moment, Pradyot Debbarma spoke first exclusively to Northeast Live and shared his thoughts.

In an exclusive interview with Northeast Live, Pradyot Debbarma said that it was a victory of the poor Tiprasas who have been facing serious hardships or challenges in securing their rights as well as safeguarding the future of their children.

Pradyot also thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah for acknowledging the problems faced by the indigenous people.

In this reference, Pradyot stated, “Thank You is to a poor mother in Tripura who gives birth to a child but has to face challenges to secure the future of her child. It is their victory today, it is a victory of the poor Tiprasas. I would also like to thank people like BK Hrangkhawl, who has given a lot, he has sacrificed his entire life, he has given everything. I would like to thank him, my Tiprasa brothers and sisters and of course the Home Minister of India, Prime Minister whohave actually acknowledged the indigenous people’s problems and want to bring a final solution to their pain and sufferings. Tripura has suffered a lot in the last 75 years and this is a step in the right direction because GoI has actually signed an agreement not with an armed outfit but with an organisation which is not fighting for anything else, but only for the constitutional rights of the indigenous people.”

Besides, Pradyot also appreciated the kind of love and support he has recieved from the indigenous people, which gave him strength to fight for their cause.

Pradyot said, “I would like to congratulate my community and the people of Tripura. I think it is because of their love and their support for me that we have been able to achieve this.”

Asked if he was satisfied with what has been included in the tripartite agreement, Pradyot Debbarma in a straight response said that he was satisfied but insisted that it will yield results only if everyone comes and work together and pursue further as to what has been agreed. He emphasized that it is the time for working together not as a party, but as a Jaati (community.

He said, “I am satisfied but the most important thing is we have signed the Accord, we have to now work together. I have got people from IPFT also here, we may be in a different political party but we have to work together as Tiprasas. And if we can work as Tiprasas then we can deliver the constitutional rights to our people. What is constitutional rights? Constitutional right over land, right for your language, right of your identity, right to ensure political representation, right to have an acknowledgment of your history, right to culturally develop us, so these are various factors. We all have to work together not as a party, but as a Jaati (community). That is the most important message that I want to give to my people. Yes we have achieved, this is a step in the right direction. Yes we should celebrate but we have to keep in mind that after the celebration the hard work follows. If we just celebrate and dont do any hard work after this nothing will happen. We have to keep on working to ensure that the poor Tiprasas who live in the villages of Tripura, their childrens future gets secured.”

Pradyot’s reaction was also sought on whether the signing of the Accord will change the political dynamics of the state.

Responding to this, the Tripura royal scion in no uncertain terms said that he was not concerned about politics at the moment. He termed that it is victory of the Tiprasas, but maintained that the victory was not over any other community.

Pradyot said, “I am not concerned about politics right now. For me right now it is a victory for our community,but not over any community. I would also like to thank a lot of people, the Bengali society who have come and supported us. I think they have shown their kind heartedness, I thank them as well. This is not the time for politics. TOday actually I would like to go back to Tripura, break my fast and just spend some time. Because it has been exhausting for me and it’s been an emotional roller coaster. I have lost a lot personally, sacrificed a lot personally. I would just like to go back and have a good night sleep and then think about all these things tomorrow.”