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Restoring connectivity in flood-hit Sikkim: BRO, Army leads from the front

First Published: 29th October, 2023 19:14 IST

The BRO and the Army are working in close coodination to restore connectivity to the far flung areas as well as in the strategic areas.

Relentless efforts are underway to reconnect each and every part of Sikkim after the catastrophic flash floods earlier this month left parts of the Himalayan state devastated.

Several strategic bridges and roads along the Teesta River were washed away during the floods owing to the glacial lake outburst that led to the collapse of the dam under the Teesta stage III power project.
The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has been instrumental in restoring the surface communication in close coordination with the Army. Construction of two Bailey Bridges at Sanklang over river Teesta has been successfully completed thus restoring vital connectivity between Mangan and Dzongu. BRO is also mobilizing its manpower and heavy machinery for construction of Bailey Suspension Bridge at Sanklang to provide round the year connectivity to Dzongu region.

Meanwhile, focus has now shifted towards reuniting Naga and Toong villages to facilitate sustained traffic flow. The villages are among the worst to suffering extensive damage as a major portion of road got washed away, leaving no connectivity between Naga and Toong.

BRO has undertaken formation cutting work over two kilometers of treacherous terrain established connectivity till Ritchu village, much to the relief of stranded villagers who saw connectivity with rest of Sikkim after 20 days. BRO along with villagers from Toong village have also successfully established a foot bridge over Teesta River thus restoring foot connectivity between Naga and Toong.

The Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority (SSDMA) reported that about 25,065 people have been affected by the disaster, and 6,875 people have been relocated to relief camps. 1,203 houses were damaged due to the flash floods. The flash floods also damaged/washed away 15 major bridges, 18 minor bridges, and portions of National Highway 10, significantly impacting transportation and infrastructure in the state.



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