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Top 6 Naga delicacies you can’t miss

First Published: 13th May, 2023 18:47 IST

Naga cuisine mostly consists of different kinds of meat, fish, fermented bamboo shoot, wild herbs, and not to forget the famous King Chilli

The Northeastern state of Nagaland is known for its diverse culture and rich tradition. Nagaland has 16 major tribes, and each tribe has its own culture, tradition, and cuisine.

The Naga cuisine is quite diverse, is highly rich in protein and nutrients.

Naga cuisine mostly consists of different kinds of meat (mostly fermented, dried or smoked), fish, fermented bamboo shoot, wild herbs, and not to forget the famous King Chilli (Ghost Pepper). The Nagas love to add King chilies in most of their dishes and prefer boil food instead of fried.

When you’re in Nagaland, these are some of the dishes that you can’t miss:

Akini Chakibo

It is one of the popular exotic dishes in Nagaland. Akini means perilla seeds, and Chokibo means snails. The dish is prepared by roasting and grounding perilla seeds and is cooked with delicious snail meat. To enhance the dish, axone (fermented soyabean), and lard from the pork are added.


Samathu is one of the popular delicacies of the Sumi tribes of Nagaland. Axone or fermented soyabean is cooked with smoked pork to make a thick curry, along with lots of chilli powder.


Hinkejvu is a simple dish cooked with colocasia, shredded cabbage leaves, mustard leaves, French beans and a pinch of salt.

Fish cooked inside bamboo

Here, the fish is cooked inside bamboo. Fish marinated nicely with local spices are stuffed inside the bamboos and allowed to cook over the fire. The flavour of the marinated fish with the bamboo is what makes its delicious.

Pork with bamboo shoot

Pork cooked with bamboo shoots is one of the most loved delicacies in Nagaland. The pork meat is cooked with fermented bamboo shoot, local herbs, tomatoes and king chillies to add some kick to the food.


Rice beer is famous in all over the northeastern region. In Nagaland, zutho (rice beer) is prepared by sprouting and fermenting rice. The starch in the rice is made into malt to give it a particular taste and effect. People enjoy the drink during special occasions.

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