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NPAC’s 6 hrs Nagaland bandh draws strong opposition from state’s tribal bodies

First Published: 13th January, 2023 19:51 IST

The tribal bodies and the civil society organizations of the state--APO,AYO, SVYO, CPO, Rengma Hoho, CYF, NZPO and others have expressed their displeasure with NPAC's decision to propose a statewide

Reported by Sarah Konyak

The state-wide 6-hour Nagaland bandh proposed by the Naga People’s Action Committee (NPAC) on January 14 to express its resentment over the delay in solution to the Naga Political Issue has drawn strong opposition from the tribal bodies and the civil society organizations in the state.

The Angami Public Organisation (APO) has opposed the proposed bandh and said that the NPAC is neither endorsed nor mandated by the apex tribe organizations. Therefore, they had no authority to give directives to the apex tribe bodies. The APO issued a statement saying that NPAC’s directives to hold the proposed bandh on January 14 will not be enforced in APO jurisdiction.

While maintaining that all Nagas were for early solution to the vexed Naga political issue, APO president reminded that the 14 apex tribal hohos had already issued a statement in this regard. Therefore, if the tribe bodies do not heed their directives, it should not be taken otherwise.

Meanwhile, the office bearers of the Naga Tribal Unoin Chumoukedima Town have decided not to participate and cooperate with the NPAC’s bandh saying that this platform was neither endorsed nor mandated by any Naga Tribal Apex bodies.

It said that the situation within its jurisdiction will remain normal and that none of the residents will get involved or take part in enforcing the unmandated bandh.

On the other hand, following the APO’s decision to not observe the bandh on January 14, 2023, called by NPAC within its jurisdiction, Angami Youth Organization (AYO) has issued a directive for its ranges and constituent unit/villages and for all AYO volunteers to be strictly vigilant from 6 A.M to 12 noon to prevent any untoward and violent incidents.

AYO asked all business establishments and activities to be allowed to operate normally.

It asked the volunteers to apprehend any individuals or groups who threaten to disturb the peaceful atmosphere.

The Sovima Village Youth Organisation (SVYO) also affirmed its stand to abstain from the proposed bandh under its village jurisdiction and said that all shops will remain open and that all business activities will function at normal times.

The SVYO members are also directed to ensure that no unwanted situation is aggravated while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere within the village jurisdiction.

The Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) expressing its displeasure with NPAC’s decision to propose a statewide bandh on January 14 said that it was very explicit in its stance that NPAC was neither endorsed or authorized by them.

According to them, CPO’s participation in the planned bandh is not necessary because the NPAC’s decision has no effect on it.

The Rengma Hoho in a communique stated that the proposed state-wide bandh shall not be imposed under Tseminyu district.

While reiterating its stand for early settlement of Naga political talks, the Rengma Hoho termed the proposed state-wide bandh at this time without proper consultation is uncalled for.

It also cleared its stand that it will not participate nor impose any such bandh within the jurisdiction under Rengma area.

The Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) reaffirmed the position and decision of the CPO and directs all the Town Village Youth bodies that the aforementioned bandh shall not be enforced within the Chakhesang jurisdiction in any manner or form.

Nagaland Zeliang People’s Organisation in a press communique stated that the proposed bandh shall not be imposed under Peren district and
it will not participate in nor impose bandh within the jurisdiction under Zeliang area.

The NZPO office while reiterating its stand for early settlement of Naga Political talks also termed the proposed state-wide bandh without proper consultation is uncalled for.

Copy edited by Lipika Roy

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