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Mizoram: Govt warns erring cops involved in extortion, asks them to stay away from such practices

First Published: 6th January, 2024 20:03 IST

Extortions by some Mizoram Police personnel has been reported from at least 9 Police Checkgates

Still a month to complete in office, but the Lalduhoma government in Mizoram has only expedited its efforts to totally wipe out different irregularities especially when police personnel are involved in activities like extortion, deployed in Police Checkgates.

Taking strong exception to this, the Mizoram Home Department has issued an Office Memorandum stating that police personnel were found involved in illegally collecting money from people as well as vehicle for entering the state of Mizoram.

Surprisingly, such extortions by some Mizoram Police personnel has been reported from at least 9 Police Checkgates-
Champhai Khankawn
New Kawnpui

Therefore the Mizoram Home Department has immediately asked such police personnel to stop such activities immediately.

“Any violation of this instruction will be viewed seriously by the Government,” the Mizoram Home Department’s Office Memorandum said.

Not only this, the Mizoram Government has also urged officials as well as the public to report such matters to the concerned authority whenever they come across such incidents.

Mizoram Home Minister K Sapdanga posted on X stating that the government had also recieved reports of involvement of civilians in extorting money.

Sapdanga said, “On previous occasions, I have request to cease the alleged extortion of funds from commercial vehicles by both police officers and civilians at various check gates. I have personally visit the border check gates to scrutinize these accusations.

In a concerted effort to further prevent such incidents, an official order was issued by the Home Commissioner on January 4, 2024.

I request each individual to exert their utmost efforts in preventing any illicit activities.

These accusations not only lack merit but also inflict harm upon the general public.

Our government is committed to facilitating the export of fresh produce and artisanal products. Consequently, we are steadfast in our resolve to guarantee a climate of peaceful and fair trade across diverse sectors.”

Citing reports received by the government about involvement of civilans in extortion at Bairabi in Mamit district said that police action is underway to ensure that such things never happen in the future.

Sapdanga in his social media post also said, “In a separate incident, reports have been received indicating that some locals in Bairabi have been extorting sums ranging from Rs. 2000 to 5000 from transport trucks belonging to buyers of local Areca nut produce. I find it disconcerting that such actions are hindering the smooth sale of fresh produce within our state. Immediate police intervention is underway to prevent further occurrences of such incidents.

I extend my gratitude to Mamit SP and the dedicated personnel for promptly addressing my directive. The people of Mizoram are placing their trust in the government with optimistic expectations. I am pleased to witness the collaborative efforts of the Home department in fostering trust and realizing the aspirations of the people.”



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