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Lok Sabha polls- Mizoram: People will support me…. nothing to be afraid of, says MNF candidate K Vanlalvena

First Published: 16th April, 2024 16:02 IST

The battle for the lone Lok Sabha seat in Mizoram will be an interesting one since 6 candidates including 1 candidate are tying their luck to win the race.

Just 2 days to go and at least 8.42 lakh voters in Mizoram will be voting to elect the candidate of their choice for the lone Lok Sabha seat in the state.

While parties are making last ditch efforts to woo the voters, MNF’s K Vanlalvena believes that there will be not much problems for him to win the race.

What makes the elections even more interesting is the fact that Vanlalvena is up against 2 of his good friends and key contenders- Vanlalhmuaka of the BJP and ZPM’s Richard Vanlalhmangaiha.

Speaking exclusively to Northeast, during his busy campaign trail, Vanlalvena said, “Pu Muaka (Vanlalhmuaka BJP candidate) is my best friend. He was also my classmate while I was in the college. But Mr Richie (Richard Vanlalhmangaiha) who is the ruling (ZPM) candidate is my main opponent. But he is a good friend of mine, he is a good person.”

However, K Vanlalvena is quite certain about his victory. Exuding confidence the MNF candidate said, “But while I was visiting everywhere, the people always speak that they casted their votes for the ZPM during the Assembly election but this time for Lok Sabha MP election, they will support me. That is why I am not afraid of losing. I hope we will win surely with the help of God.”

Vanalalvena believes he has an edge over his opponents as he said, “Yes yes, there will be no problem because the people of Mizoram know me, because even before I joined politics, while I was a student leader, they know me who I am. Most of the people are neutral people and even some from the ZPM, BJP, Congress will also caste their vote for me. That is why there is nothing for me to be afraid of.”

Vanlalvena also shared his thoughts on the withdrawal of the Free Movement Regime (FMR) with Myanmar.

He said, “This FMR was introduced only in 2018 and it has also come to an end last year. We are not bound by this.”

Asked whether people of Mizoram should not worry about the withdrawal of FMR, Vanlalvena said, “Yes, yes we are always crossing from here and there, there is no problem. Regarding the crossing of border from Bangladesh and Myanmar, all people, all parties, all NGOs are welcoming them, because they are our brothers and sisters and also they are Christians who belong to us, same religion, same tribe and same blood. And from Manipur too, we are all welcoming them. We have to welcome them.”

The MNF candidate affirmed to stand by the refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh (from the Chin community) as and when needed who have entered Mizoram.

In a straight question, as to what will be the top priorities if he is elected as an MP, K Vanlalvena said, “If I am elected for the coming election on behalf of the lone seat in Mizoram, my first will be safety of our tribes, the safety of our religion and safety of our land, priority is to safeguard all the 3 important things. To safeguard our religion, to safeguard our different ethnic community whether living in Mizoram or outside the state of Mizoram, even if in Myanmar or Bangladesh. Most of the ethnic Mizo people are living outside the state. So i have to try to safeguard their dignity and their rights. So it is my main agenda.

If I am elected in the coming Lok Sabha election, the main problem is the employment problem of our youths. So if I am elected I have to find out occupations in companies of India and also outside for them. I have already begun to search (jobs) for them since I became the Rajya Sabha MP.”

Worth mentioning, MNF’s K Vanlalvena is in the fray against-
Vanlalhmuaka of the BJP
Lalbiakzama of Congress
Richard Vanlalhmangaiha of ZPM
Rita Malsawmi of Mizoram People’s Conference
Lalhriatrenga Chhangte-Independent

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