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Ultimately you have to deliver as an individual, CM Conrad responds on Dynastic Politics

First Published: 6th February, 2024 20:50 IST

Attending the first ever Northeast Live Conclave, Chief Minister spoke about his political journey, the challenges he faced initially and subsequently how he could overcome them to become the present

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma today rejected the idea of having an edge over others as far as dynamic politics is concerned, but at the same time admitted that there is a slight advantage in politics for anyone who comes from a family with rich political background.

Attending the first ever Northeast Live Conclave, Chief Minister spoke about his political journey, the challenges he faced initially and subsequently how he could overcome them to become the present Chief Minister of Meghalaya.

In a conversation with Northeast Live Editor-in-Chief Wasbir Hussain, CM Conrad Sangma said, “There is no right answer to this but the best I can put forward my point is that number 1 I lost my first election, so this was when my father was still alive and it was in 2004. Actually the reason I lost was because I thought I was PA Sangma’s son and so I should win. That was precisely the reason I lost. And then I let got off that tag, I was down for few months and then I started working and walking with the people from village to village in the constituency where I contested. That changed be a lot and I had to really work hard. And then I won the next election. The election again after that I lost because I thought I have done so well as an MLA that I should win. And of course we floated the new party the NPP and I had to campaign a lot with my father in many places. So the only thing I can say is that there is a certain advantage you get- you are brought up with certain principles that you see in the leader or your father or your mother who is there and you learn from those principles and cultures of politics. I think that is the key.”

According to CM Sangma it is always not helpful for an individual even if he or she carries a tag of being the ward of an astute politician. Backing his statement, Conrad Sangma said, “So I will tell what matters in our politics is shaking hands with people and when you shake hands you should have eye contact and you should smile, a simple thing a rule like this. I learnt this from my father which you will be surprised to know that many many politicians take ages to realise. So, in short to answer your question yes there are certain advantages like you learn certain cultures, certain principles in politics and may be for a moment, may be for one election or for one particular election, that particular link from your parents could help. But its not sustainable. Ultimately you have to deliver as an individual. There is the name can last for a certain time, it cannot last for ever. People will see through you and ultimately you for what you are, not for the brand that you are in. So the product ultimately will have to perform. That’s a very complicated question to answer, but that the way I see it. Its not sustainable, it is not long term, it may give you a short term advantage but at the end of the day, you have to prove yourself.”



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