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Meghalaya CM urges content creators to fact-check before uploading content

First Published: 27th February, 2024 10:16 IST

Sangma feels that doing so will go a long way in dealing with the menace of spreading fake news as well as information which is misleading in nature.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has expressed serious concerns over spread of false, misleading content in social media.

CM Sangma, during the ongoing Budgest Session of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, also urged content creators to go for proper fact checking before uploading content.

Sangma feels that doing so will go a long way in dealing with the menace of spreading fake news as well as information which is misleading in nature.

CM Sangma spoke on this when the issue of misleading information being spread about the Chairman of Synjuk Ki Rangbah Shnong of Ri Bhoi district, was raised in the floor of the House.

Sangma in his response stated, that the content creator involved in this was summoned to the Nongpoh PS following which the objectionable content was removed.

It is in this reference, the Meghalaya Chief Minister appealed the content creators to go for publishing sensible information which is well verified and based on truth.

CM Conrad Sangma said, “I would also like to urge the content creators who are using various social media platforms to kindly verify or fact-check before creating/uploading any content.

Relying on credible sources and cross-checking information from multiple sources can help ensure that the content is reliable. I would also request the avid users of social media to promote a culture of responsible content creation and sharing , as this will not only mitigate the impact of fake news but most importantly will prevent the circulation of misleading information.”

CM Sangma said that there are certain disadvantages of social media in comparison to its benefits, which according to him needs to be addressed early.

“While the benefits of social media are plentiful, there are also many drawbacks which need to be addressed. Often social media opens the door for quick spread of false and misleading content and lack of fact checking or the ease with which personal information can be misused by 3rd parties has been a matter of great concern for the police department,” CM Sangma said.

Sangma also gave a brief of what his government has done so far to tackle cyber crimes in the state.

Sharing details, the Meghalaya CM said, “In order to tackle circulation of fake news or cyber crime in the state, a cyber crime wing has been set up within the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Meghalaya Police. The units of the Cyber Crime Wing include the Cyber Crime Police Station, the Cyber Forensic Training Facility (CFTF) and the Cyber Assistance Cell & Monitoring Cell.

The role of the Cyber Crime Police Station is to investigate cyber or internet related crimes, preven cyber crimes and impart awareness regarding the drawbacks in the cyber world.

From 2019 till January 31, 2024, a total of 42 cases have been registered in the Cyber Crime Police Station, which are related to cyber-crimes.”

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