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United Naga Council asks Manipur groups to desist from attacking Nagas

First Published: 3rd February, 2024 10:20 IST

The UNC has listed assault, kidnapping and extortion upon the Nagas by miscreants from the 2 groups, all under the guise of mistaken identity

The United Naga Council (UNC) has warned the Meiteis and Kuki-Zo groups to immediately desist from targeting, provoking and attacking Nagas, their homes and properties in the Imphal valley, as well as in the peripheral hill areas. The Council has threatened to restrict free access in Naga areas, if the attacks continue.
As the conflict enters the 9th month, the United Naga Council which is the apex body representing Nagas in Manipur, has recounted a series of incidents during the ongoing unrest, where Nagas were targeted despite their neutral stance on the conflict. The UNC has listed assault, kidnapping and extortion upon the Nagas by miscreants from the 2 groups, all under the guise of mistaken identity of mistaken identity.

UNC added, Meitei legislators, who have submitted to the hardline Meitei group, Arambai Tenggol on the January 24, at Kangla, cannot claim anymore to be a part of the government of the entire state of Manipur and has limited its powers, functions and relevance to the valley and the Meitei community only.

UNC further stated that Meitei legislators and the Government of India owe it to the people of India to explain what it has been doing for the last 9 months with the situation detoriating from bad to worse, while Nagas becoming victims of its neutrality to the conflict. UNC has also warned of taking up appropriate measures, if their appeals go unheeded.

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