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Amid unrest in state, Manipur MPs appeal for peace and reconciliation

First Published: 25th May, 2023 15:24 IST

The MPs have urged community leaders and influencers to advocate peace, reconciliation, and social cohesion to bridge the divides

By Samuel Pao

Lok Sabha Members of Parliament (MP) from Manipur, Dr RK Ranjan Singh who is also Union Minister of State for External Affairs, and Dr Lorho S. Pfoze, MP from Outer Manipur-II has appealed for peace and reconciliation amid the unrest in the state that is refusing to die down. The MPs have urged all to shun violence and follow the path of reconciliation.

In the wake of the devastating communal violence that left nearly hundred people dead, many injured and thousands displaced, the two Lok Sabha MPs in their joint statement said “The recent conflict has left behind a trail of suffering, division, and mistrust. However, sincere effort of each individual by extending a hand of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness can pave the way for healing and unity. Let us work to transcend our differences, foster dialogue, and rebuild the foundations of a harmonious and inclusive society.”

“As we embark on the journey of reconciliation, it is crucial to acknowledge the profound pain and loss experienced by individuals and communities. Let us recognize the lives shattered, the families torn apart, and the deep emotional scars left behind. By empathizing with the collective suffering, we can foster an atmosphere of shared humanity and pave the way for healing. Violence begets violence, perpetuating a cycle of destruction. We must unequivocally reject any form of violence and embrace dialogue as the only path forward. It is through dialogue that we can bridge divides, find common ground, and address the root causes of the conflict. Seeking understanding and empathy is essential in this process. We encourage individuals from both communities to step out of their echo chambers, listen to each other’s stories, and acknowledge the shared humanity that binds us all. By embracing diversity, we can dismantle stereotypes, prejudice, and fear,” the release stated.

As community leaders and influencers hold significant sway in shaping public opinion and fostering unity, Dr. Ranjan and Dr. Lorho appealed to them to advocate peace, reconciliation, and social cohesion to bridge divides, facilitate dialogue and work towards building a shared vision of a peaceful future. “Rebuilding trust is vital to create a sense of interdependence and shared prosperity. By working together towards common goals, we can forge new bonds and restore trust in one another,” they said.

In this time of adversity, the two MPs urged to rise above the differences and unite in their commitment to peace and reconciliation. “We appeal everyone for peace, foster understanding, and advocate for justice to heal the wounds inflicted by the ethnic clash. Let us seize this opportunity to build bridges, mend broken relationships, and create a society that cherishes diversity and embraces the principles of unity and harmony. Together, we can sow the seeds of a brighter future, where the scars of the past serve as a testament to our resilience and our unwavering pursuit of peace,” they stated.

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