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67,000 Assam police personnel takes fitness test from today

First Published: 16th August, 2023 13:32 IST

Assam DGP GP Singh took the BMI test today. The test is being conducted in 35 centres in 29 districts

We often see our police personnel are obese or potbellied. As many as 67,000 Assam Police personnel are taking the BMI (Body Mass Index) tests from today towards making the Assam Police force a much leaner, fitter and healthier force. Leading from the front is DGP GP Singh.

DGP GP Singh, after his BMI test, said, “On May 16, we decided that we would do a BMI test of 67,000 Assam police personnel, and we gave them a time of 3 months. In the meantime, we made a complete database of all the police personnel receiving salaries from the government, which is 67,000.”

The senior police officer shared that the aim of this initiative is to make the police fitter and healthier. “We have seen regularly that after a certain age, the police face complications in health,” GP Singh added.

The Assam police are also planning to do on-the-spot testing of blood pressure and sugar, along with BMI, next year.

“In the next phase, the police personnel with 30+ BMI will be examined by a nutritionist and a doctor under a health camp in Dergaon police training college. The police personnel will be examined for 1-3 months, depending on the intervention each person needs,” the DGP said.

“Next year we have set a target that we will take BMI 28 as our target, and gradually year by year we will decrease it,” GP Singh added.

DGP GP Singh took the test at the 4th Battalion of Assam Police in Kahilipara, Guwahati, early this morning.

Each day 12,500 Assam police personnel are taking the test. Every hour 350 police personnel are taking the fitness test, DGP Singh said.

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