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APPSC Paper leak scam: Parents’ Joint Committee holds sit-in-protest against PAJSC’s null and void demand

First Published: 30th September, 2023 16:01 IST

The Parents' Joint Committee maintained that they will support the PAJSC if they withdraw their demand for null and void from their 13-point charter demand

The Parents’ Joint Committee against Null and Void today held a sit-in protest against the 13-point charter demand put forward by the Pan Arunachal Joint Steering Committee (PAJSC) to declare all APPSC exams held since 2014 till date as ‘null and void’ or invalid.

The protest rally was held at the tennis court in Itanagar.

The protestors comprise parents whose children will be affected by the null and void declaration of APPSC exams.

The Parents’ Joint Committee maintained that they will support the PAJSC if they withdraw their demand for null and void from their 13-point charter demand.

In the wake of the protest today, the committee has placed a set of 6 demands:

  1. Equal justice to all to save the meritorious
  2. No to illogical and unjust demand of null & void.
  3. Thorough investigation to bring all the culprits to justice.
  4. No innocent should be punished without his/her involvement in the paper selling.
  5. Conduct investigation of all the doubtful exams since 1992.
  6. Include parents’ joint committee against null and void as one of the stakeholders in all the talks/discussions/negotiations regarding null and void at government level.

Ajay Matam, Secretary of the Parents Joint Committee against Null and Void (PJCANV), told Northeast Live that null and void is a mass murder.

He has demanded a proper investigation in the case and said that they support PAJSC’s 13-point charter demand, excluding the null and void.

He added that they will submit a representative at the government level after the protest rally.

Earlier, the PAJSC held a three day peaceful dharna which concluded on Thursday. The protest rally was against state governments’ failure to fulfil PAJSC’s 13-point charter demand.

Copy edited by-Haynashree Narjary

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