Manipur Police continues its crackdown against curfew and SOP violators amid rise in COVID-19 cases. The police have so far collected over Rs 2 crore as penalty from lockdown violators since the coronavirus pandemic hit the state.

On Tuesday alone, a total of 274 people were detained for violating COVID-19 norms and fines worth Rs 1,02,300 was collected by the department from various districts in the state.

In Imphal West District alone under the supervision of SP Dr S Ibomcha Singh, 90 persons were detained and fine worth a total of Rs 76,000 were collected. Apart from this, a massive drive was also carried out as part of curfew enforcement and removal of tinted glasses from vehicles.

So far, since the pandemic & with the subsequently imposition of lockdown & curfew, the department has cumulatively fined a total sum of Rs 2,29,93,910 and apart from that a total of 1,47,706 persons were detained and release later.