Assam Congress chief Ripun Bora on Friday rejected exit poll predictions for the state and said party-led ‘Mahajot’ will win the assembly polls with a thumping majority.

“As far as Assam is concerned we are very confident that the Congress-led Mahajot alliance will get majority.

Everything will be clear on May 2 when results come. ‘Mahajot’ will get a thumping majority and form the next government in Assam,” Bora told ANI.

“Assam Congress totally rejects the exit poll results. These are not based on scientific system. These are biased and politically motivated. I know most of the agencies have proximity with the ruling government. On several occasions, I have seen that exit polls have not come true,” Bora added.

Bora, who is a Rajya Sabha MP, urged Congress workers, alliance partners and people “not to get demoralized” by exit polls. “These are tactics to demoralise and blackmail our workers and at same time influence government officials who are engaged in counting duty. Congress party rejects the exit polls for Assam,” he said.

The exit polls released on Thursday predicted that the BJP-led NDA would retain power in Assam.

The state went to three-phase election in March and April. The state assembly has 126 seats. (ANI)