In what can be termed as the biggest appointment process in Assam, the state government will appoint a total of 29,700 teachers on February 5. This was announced by Health, Finance and Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in a press meet on Wednesday.

This is the largest teachers’ appointment drive, preceded by the appointment drive of 2012-13 where altogether 25,000 teachers were provided appointment.

Sarma also said that 1698 primary schools will be provincialized, and 3309 lower primary teachers will get the benefits. Along with that, 2107 M.E. schools will be provincialized and 6586 teachers will get the benefits.

‘A total of 9895 will get the benefits and as all teachers do not have professional qualifications they will be appointed as tutors,’ he added.

Sarma further said that 264 High Schools will be provincialized under which 2269 teachers will be benefited, while 4 Higher Secondary schools will be provincialized and under that 31 teachers will get the benefits. In case of Senior Secondary or Junior College level, 192 institutes will be provincialized and 2306 teaching and non-teaching staff will be extended the benefits of the provincialization. For Higher Secondary level, 33 colleges will be provincialized and 693 teachers along with some non-teaching staff will get the benefits.

900 teachers who have been working and have completed the required professional qualification will also be benefited under the process and If all the three Director of Education are combined together, a total of 16484 teachers’ post will be provincialized, the Minister said.

He further stated that another list will be prepared for the schools which have been left out and the list will include 16484 teachers.

‘Provincialization is an ongoing process. Some works are under review. A few may be left out in the first phase and they should not worry as their names will come up in the second phase list. Due to some minor issues, they may be left out. In the second phase, their posts will also be provincialized. Our work is going on, we will try it in the second phase,’ said the minister.

Speaking of the new appointments, the minister said that the new teachers’ appointment process will be carried on under three-phase- Directorate of Secondary Education, Directorate of Primary Education, and the Sarba Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA).

4493 Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) teachers will get appointments under the lower primary category, 2193 teachers will get appointments under the upper primary category. Under Sarba Shiksha Abhiyan 2395 teachers will get an appointment. Under the Directorate of Secondary Education 1327, assistant Science teachers and 2863 Arts teachers will get appointment. Total 13,217 fresh teachers will get appointment,’ the minister further said.

Of the new appointments, 16,484 would be teachers and non-teaching staff in schools, junior colleges and colleges.

On the other hand, teachers under the BTC will get appointments from the Bodoland Territorial Council(BTC) government.