Amid reports of China constructing a village in Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh, BJP MP from the frontier state Tapir Gao has said that the Chinese have been occupying the area in question since 1962.

Speaking exclusively to Northeast Live Editor-in-Chief Wasbir Hussain, Tapir Gao further said India should push to make the McMahon line the border with China and Tibet.

The Arunachal BJP MP also made a scathing attack on the Congress stating that China has been occupying the area right since the Congress regime under successive prime ministers including Rajiv Gandhi, Narsimha Rao and Manrnohan Singh.

He said that instead of criticizing the Modi government, Congress should reflect on its past mistakes.

The MP from Arunachal East pointed out that China has been constructing roads in the region since the 1980s.

Further, Tapir Gao suggested that India should take steps to reclaim lost land and must consider claiming the McMahon line, irrespective of whether China acknowledges it or not.

It may be mentioned that as India and China continue to remain locked in a months-long bitter border standoff in Eastern Ladakh, Beijing is reportedly undertaking construction work along border areas near Arunachal.

The latest row comes after satellite images released by the US-based imaging company Planet Labs shows about 100 houses built along the river Tsari Chu in upper Subansiri in Arunachal Pradesh. However, it is being clarified by leaders that the portion in question has been occupied by china since 1962.