Oil India Limited’s efforts to cap the Baghjan oil well failed today after a crane-fitted vehicle used in the process toppled and fell crashing near the well that has been on fire since June 9 this year.

Experts from OIL and Singapore-based firm Alert Disaster Control had expressed optimism about plugging the well number 5 at Baghjan today.

However, as the team of experts were preparing to cap the well with a Blowout Preventer (BOP), the crane-fitted vehicle – a hydraulic lift used to fight fires – crashed forcing the team of experts to abort capping plans for the day.

Baghjan capping failure

“We were hopeful of installing the BOP and thereby cap the well today. However, the vehicle used for the purpose toppled over and came crashing down. Efforts are already underway to get the vehicle back in place and we will hopefully resume the capping operations by tomorrow,” OIL spokesperson Tridib Hazarika said.

The oil well has been on fire since June 9 after a blowout in the well on May 27.

Two OIL firefighters – Durlav Gogoi and Tikheswar Gohain – had lost their lives after the massive blaze at the oil well.