Three days ago Northeast Live broke the story of how an organisation named Naga Army (Ollo) distributed leaflets threatening anyone who stood against Phowang Lowang in the upcoming by election in Khonsa West of serious consequences.

Wife of late Khonsa West MLA – Tirong Aboh and probable candidate for the ensuing election, Chakat Aboh has now appealed to the state government and the centre to take the threat seriously.

In a letter to Tirap SP, Chakat Aboh has said that if something happens to her or her supporters before, during or after the by-election, Phowang Lowang and his supporters should be held responsible.

Chakat Aboh said that there are chances of more killings of rival candidates of Phowang Lowang.

A leaflet issued by a group, which calls itself the Naga Army (Ollo) has taken Tirap by a storm. Vote for Phawang Lowang or be prepared to face the music, was what the leaflet read.

Lowang is a local BJP leader and was also the party’s candidate from the constituency in the last Assembly polls.

The leaflet circulated ahead of the impending by-polls has raised the issue of terror groups trying to interfere in the election process by the use of power and fear.

Moreover, apart from directing people to vote for Phawang Lowang unconditionally, the Naga Army has also warned that no party or group should put up any candidate against Lowang.

By-election to the constituency has been necessitated due to the assassination of sitting MLA from Khonsa West Tirong Aboh by insurgents on May 21, 48 hours before the results of the Assembly and Lok Sabha polls were to be declared.

Phowang Lowang, who had lost to Late Aboh in the last assembly elections by over a thousand votes had dismissed the entire development as an attempt to malign his image ahead of the by-polls.