Multiple agencies in the government are working overtime to make sure illegal migrants are detected in Assam and their names do not find entry in the NRC.

Concrete measures are underway on exactly how to deal with the people who do not find their names in the final NRC to be published on July 31.

The authorities have started the process to set up 200 appellate tribunals before whom those not finding their names in the NRC can appeal or file claims to prove their nationality.

More than 60 of the total 200 appellate tribunals are to be located in Guwahati. The existing 100 foreigners’ tribunals will continue dealing with the two lakh pending cases over the years.

Of the 40 lakh people whose names did not appear in the final draft NRC published on December 31 last year, more than 36 lakh have since filed claims for inclusion, around 3.75 lakh did not file claims.

To assume that about one lakh of these are genuine citizens, then 2.75 lakh people are clearly those whose nationality is in suspect. If 40,000 of the 2.75 lakh people have since died due to natural causes, it emerges that two lakh people could be illegal migrants.

The Border Police in Assam may soon zero in on these two lakh odd people and initiate detailed inquiries and bring cases of suspects before the foreigners’ tribunals.

The steps are being initiated to weed out illegal migrants and thwart attempts by unscrupulous elements out to assist illegal migrants.