Pre-Bhogali festivities ahead of 'Uruka' night in Maligaon, Guwahati

Bhogali Bihu festivities grips Assam with people getting ready for community feast on ‘Uruka’ tonight.

People of Assam from all walks of life celebrate this festival of harvesting with much joy and fervour.

While today is ‘Uruka’, where makeshift huts, known as ‘Bhela Ghars’ or ‘Mejis’ are built, the same will be burnt early tomorrow morning with family members and friends.┬áPeople took part in community fishing at various places as part of the Bhogali fervour and festivities.

This festival is mainly marked by feasts and bonfires. The celebrations during Magh Bihu also feature traditional games like ‘Tekeli Bhonga’, which is pot breaking and Buffallo fighting.

And while the people of Assam celebrate Magh Bihu during this time of the year, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Uttarayan are the festivals that are celebrated in others parts of the country.

Magh Bihu fish

Meanwhile, markets witnessed hectic activity as people made last-minute purchases. Fish markets hogged all limelight as people made a beeline to them to get their choicest fish variety.

People were seen in an ecstatic mood as they prepared themselves to catch a good quantity of fish for tonight’s Uruka feast.